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Wwi Assignment

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During the First World War, along side with various different types of technological advancements and breakthroughs like the machine guns, tanks, aircrafts etc I have to say, chemical warfare and how it became one of the most feared weapon in the war stands out from all the other. Death from getting shot by machine guns caused the most death through the war but death was instant and the soldiers could find some sort of shelter to take cover. However, a gas attack meant soldiers having to put on their uncomfortable gas masks and if they fail to do so, the attack would leave its victims in agony for for days and weeks before he finally subcummed to his injuries. That struck fear into the ...view middle of the document...

Before that soldiers were also advised to hold urine drenched clothes over their face will also help to neutralize gasses, specifically chlorine.
During the war, the most commonly used gases were tear gas, mustard gas, Phosgene gas and chlorine gas. Among those, mustard gas was the most widely used. First used in 1917, although it wasn’t usually fatal unless the victim is exposed to a large dose, mustard gas will still cause extreme pain, vomiting and even internal bleeding. One of the gasses that stands you for me is Phosgene because it was very potent due to that the impact is usually felt 2 days after inhaled and by then there’s little to be done since the chemical had already bedded itself in the organs. Another reason that makes Phosgene so potent is because it is very hard to tell whether a soldier had inhaled it or not since it did not cause violent coughing like other gas and it was scentless as well.
Toward the end of the war, chemical weapons had lost much of its effectiveness...

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