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"The War to End All Wars", more commonly known as has just World War I, was an exceptionally bloody war, and has cost our country many young lives. However, that is not the only aspect of the war.Over the course of the 4 years that we have been at war, our society, the American society, has flourished and grown through these times harsh times at an unbelievable rate. We have grown into a nation sown together by our diverse and eclectic population. We are the quilt of culture. Through this war, we have advanced as a society far more than anyone could have imagined.The war has not only effected us culturally but also effected us through poetry, art, and music. Throughout history, these things have taught us about other cultures such as the Romans. By studying a country's literary developments, one can tell the nation's developments.Overall, poetry from this time has a lot of dark imagery about the war itself. Most of them describe the isolation of a wounded soldier, much like Wilfred Owen's Disabled. It discusses and describes in excruciating detail the loneliness and the solitude of the life of a wounded soldier.This soldier, without legs and with an amputated arm, reminisces about all the fun times he had and all the things he regrets not doing in life before he decided to join the war. Other poems describe in detail the hardships of the life of a soldier, and the amount of dead bodies littered all around the battlefield.Other poems emphasized the romantic aspects of war, highlighting the...

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1369 words - 5 pages Lieutenant H. H. Whitehead located at CABARET-ROUGE BRITISH CEMETERY, SOUCHEZ in France.News paper clipping mentioning Flight Lieutenant Herbert Howard Whitehead's death in an article and indicating that his flight partner had been taken prisoner.The star at XXVII is where the gravestone of H. H. Whitehead lies.Works Cited" WWI - Battle of the Somme - The Hive Workshop." The Hive Workshop - The Warcraft 3 Modding Site . http

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2703 words - 11 pages brought forth by the Plessy V. Ferguson supreme court ruling of 1896, military units were segregated. There were 4 all black regiments, the 9th and10th Cavalry, and the 24th and 25th Infantry, but they rarely saw combat (Jami Bryan, Fighting for Respect: African-American Soldiers in WWI). So because of black community opinion by intellectuals such as W.E.B DuBois, the War Department created the 92nd and 93rd Infantry Divisions, both primarily black

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5987 words - 24 pages States was overwhelming supportive and instrumental in the construction of the UNSC as compared to their post-WWI refusal to support the League of Nations, an organization similar in structure to that of the UNSC. The United States decision to reject the League of Nations after WWI was seen as a controversial move to the rest of the world. It reinstated the U.S.’s isolationist foreign policy when the world was seeking for their cooperation in the

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2238 words - 9 pages little too late. They realized that most boys die in war and to be a hero they have to kill other human beings. Some got “dear John” letters from girlfriends that had found another man. War was not at all what the posters and legends promised. In fact, it was the complete opposite. During WWI trench warfare was commonly used. It was outdated and neither side gained any ground. The land in between the two opposing trenches was called no man’s

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2018 words - 8 pages pantaloons, three pairs of winter pantaloons, three summer undershirts, four winter undershirts, one bed sack, canteen, cup, fork, and knife. (WWI draft Registration by Cheryl E. Belding) In World War II not many things had changed. They were issued many of the same clothing as in World War I. Besides that fact the weapons were more advanced, they still used the Springfield model 1903 but the specialized weapons were more accurate and devastating. A

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1278 words - 5 pages The way America became a superpower is a long bloody process, from the Revolution and becoming a country all the way to WWII when America is finally able to say they are a superpower. The few major key events that started WWI is what pushed the world into WWII. After WWI, Germany surrendered and signed the Treaty of Versailles, which crippled Germany’s economy. The coup that Hitler pulled off to overthrow German leaders gained him power. He then

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1035 words - 4 pages Historians believe that this led to Germany's downright atomicity toward those allied nations. In the post WWII era Germany was not as economically crippled like in WWI since most of the fighting was not done in Germany; they paid reparations mainly in the form of dismantled factories, forced labor, and coal. General William Henry Draper Jr., chief of the American Economics Division said at the Potsdam Conference, "Some progress has been made in


2364 words - 9 pages transforming steadily from agrarian to industrial. It is understood that before World War I, a considerable majority, over 40% of all Americans lived on a farm, the percentage dropped to about 25% by the end of the twenties. The 1920s U.S. economic scenario is characterized by mass production, mass consumption and polarization of income. [DeLong, 1997] While America considerably remained an agrarian state, the WWI (First World War) brought with it

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1656 words - 7 pages "The Healing Power of Poetry" The devastations and repercussions of war are inimitable, and can sometimes be left unhealed. However, men and women have had to find cures to lick their wounds and resettle the turbulence existing within their minds. In Pat Barker's emotionally powerful war novel Regeneration, we are introduced to a war journal, called the Hydra, on page 84, which served as healing tool for WWI soldiers. This journal contained

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846 words - 3 pages of Ortona, and the Norad Defense- Avro Arrow made Canada the respectable middle power status that is enjoyed today. Canada is a highly appreciated nation in the global view and holds an important position in international affairs.Firstly, on April 9th, 1917 began the start of Canada's assault on Vimy Ridge, a hill near the town of Arras in Northern France. Vimy Ridge was an important phase in the victory of WWI and was very vital to both the

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919 words - 4 pages School in 1915, Earhart worked as a nurse's aide in a military hospital in Canada during WWI, attended college, and later became a social worker. Earhart took her first flying lesson on January 3, 1921, and in six months managed to save enough money to buy her first plane. The second-hand Kinner Airster was a two-seater biplane painted bright yellow. Earhart named the plane "Canary," and used it to set her first women's record by rising to an

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1704 words - 7 pages that Hitler was a casualty of a chemical weapon attack during WWI and he was reluctant to order their use based on what happened to him. Second the Nazi party assumed the Allies had similar stock piles and that the Allies were thoroughly trained in chemical defense. An interesting point is that if Hitler had ordered the use of chemical weapons he could have potentially shifted the war in his favor. (Jonathon Tucker. 2006). This brings us to the