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Wwi & Wwii Compared And Contrasted

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Both being international wars is not the only thing in common between WWI and WWII, and more than the Holocaust in WWII, when they took place, and their names differentiate them. I will be comparing and contrasting the two wars to show this.
WWI took place from 1914-1918 while WWII lasted from 1939-1945. In between these two wars, weaponry advanced. In WWI, much of the fighting was done in closer quarters than in WWII, hence WWI’s nickname The Hand to Hand War. Also, although there were numerous deaths in both wars, there is a large difference in the total number of deaths between the two. There were about 8 million deaths in WWI while in WWII, there were about 60 million deaths. ...view middle of the document...

WWII began for a much different reason: Germany was treated harshly in The Treaty of Versailles, which was the peace treaty signed that ended WWI on November 11, 1918; it took land away from Germany and stated that Germany wasn’t allowed to have an army among many other things. Adolf Hitler, who had been a 19 year old soldier in WWI, like many other Germans, hated The Treaty of Versailles, so he created an army and invaded land that The Treaty of Versailles had taken away. The League of Nations decided that they would just allow him to do whatever he wanted, which I think was a mistake because on September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland after also invading many other countries, and two days later WWII began when France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. One similarity that you can find between the two world wars from this is that Germany was either a direct (WWII) or indirect (WWI) cause of the start of the wars in both.
Just as each of the world wars’ beginnings sit in contrast to each other, their endings do as well. Woodrow Wilson, who was president during WWI, created a 14 point peace settlement that included the creation of the League of Nations, which the U.S. didn’t join, for settling disputes. Although the League of Nations was created and successful in Europe, The Treaty of Versailles ended WWI, not Woodrow Wilson’s peace settlement. The day that WWI ended on, 11/11/1918, is celebrated as Armistice Day. Unlike the treaty that ended WWI, WWII’s ending had a considerable amount of bloodshed. WWII’s ending had multiple parts: first D-Day followed by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki roughly a year later. D-Day was the United States’ and its allies’ (mainly Canada and Great Britain) invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944; the invasion wasn’t quite as easy as the U.S. had thought it would be though. Bombs were supposed to have been dropped to destroy Germany's defenses the day before on June 5, 1944, but the bombs missed their targets by about 3 miles, so the soldiers had to stop farther out to sea than they needed to, making them easy targets for the Germans. Some of the soldiers simply died from drowning while moving towards the shore. Those of the 156,000 troops who did make it to the shore had a disadvantage against the Germans, who had the higher ground. Nevertheless, the United States and its allies won that day, basically defeating Germany; however, the United States still had Japan left to face in the war. On July 26, 1945, Japan was asked to surrender and...

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