Wyoming Is Beautiful Essay

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Wyoming is a beautiful place
We never drove farther west than Iowa. Going to Wyoming was something my brothers and I were looking forward too. Talking about all the activities we will be doing and places we will be stopping at made us more excited. It got me wishing we were going that day, but I knew we had to wait a couple a weeks. Waiting was the worst part of the trip. I could not focus on anything besides getting ready for the trip. As those long weeks came by we finally were packed to go. It was 4 a.m. and my parents were packing the car and telling us to bring everything out. We decided to take the minivan, so there was plenty of space. My older brother always got the back seats to himself so he had his bags back there with him. My little brother and I got the 2 middle seats, giving our clothes bags to my dad so he could put it in the trunk. We packed another bag for our toys and anything else we wanted to bring with. So we packed the game boy and the portable DVD player. As my parents finished packing the trunk they would attach the few items that did not fit on the top of the car. My mom always packed a basket of food and water for the car ride. Waking up after a nap I was in shock that we were actually on are way.
As we drove we made no stops in Illinois, Wisconsin or Minnesota. Finally our first stop was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I remember while my dad was sleeping a bunch of antelope ran by, it was unbelievable how close they were to us, not even scared. The morning we got up to head off to a place called Wall Drugs learning about the history behind the little town back in the 1800s. We thought it was necessary for us to see Mount Rushmore I can not put in words how remarkable it was to see the four great leaders, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. After we stopped in Devils Tower, Wyoming, It was a cute little cabin next to the river. That night I remember watching Close Encounters right by the mountain. Our cabin was right in front of devils tower and at the last part of the movie it was filmed right was we were staying. Then we wanted to make no stops from here to Yellowstone. Driving along by the mountain near Yellowstone they told us to go around but we did not want to waste 2 hours so we went up the mountain nice and slow. Since the mountain was so steep it burned our tires.
When we reached Yellowstone we made my dad pull over and we stopped at Yellowstone Lake. I remember my dad telling us that the ice just melted from the mountain so it was cold. We did not care we went in anyway, he was right. It was freezing cold so as we came out and our dad was smiling, he bet us we could not reach to the middle of the lake. We decided to try and make a raft to get us to the middle and to paddle with are hands there and back. As we tried to make a raft out of the huge logs we found near by we could not find anything to tie them together so we just decided to hold on to all of them. As you...

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