"Wyrd " By Sue Gough .Discusses Numerous Ideas And Is Not Exclusively About Just This Novel

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This essay will discuss the novel wryd. It will explore some of the conceptsthat are found in the novel and attempt to extend the issues to a point atwhich they become more clear, and prove the assertion that, just as Wyrd isa fast moving narrative that spans continents and ages, it is a novel ofideas.Wyrd was, in length, a short to medium novel that was written by Sue Gough.Briefly, it was the story of Berengaria, Saladin's daughter and wife of KingRichard. After her husbands death, she was moved to a French nunnery withher handmaiden and son, the prince (incognito). There she kept an explicitand wise diary, recording the events in her life. She founded a healingorder, and invented a cordial that was surprisingly popular among thevillage folk. She continued to practice Viking religion in subtle ways, andencouraged spiritual openness, as opposed to the dogmatic teachings of thetime, vesting confidence and a sense of worth in her fellow devotees.However, she was plagued by her evil anti-thesis, the Abbe De Ville, whoencouraged her son to join in a 'children's crusade' -- and unwise anddangerous religious march. Pat, her son, was eventually sold as a slave inthe middle east, but the Abbe did not know this and told Berengaria the'news' of his demise. Unable to cope with such a revelation, she died andwas entombed, as a mummy, with her book beneath the priory. Found by twoarchaeologists in modern times, her book was recovered and her tombdestroyed. Sent to a group of Australian women (in order to keep it out ofthe claws of the modern De Ville, Professor Horniman), the book found it'sway into the hands and heart of Trace, a street kid from Sydney, come northas part of a modern children's crusade. Unwilling to return to the slums ofKings Cross, Trace had found her way to the women's homes and beguiled herse-lf of them. To conclude the story, Professor Horniman attempted to steal thebook, and it was destroyed. All of this was spoken by one Dr Renouf (apossible future Trace and modern day Berengaria), in an attempt to drawtogether the warring factions of the middle east.One of the most primary themes in the book, apparent even in the summary, isthe repetition of events: recurrence and echoing of past events and people.The binding threads of time, so to speak, are constant and absolute: even indifferent times, the same forces are still at work throughout the novel. The cchange of setting is incidental, and the characters are a constant equallingforce. The children's crusade, the concepts of war and peace, good and evilare all tied together in the plot, past mirroring future. However, anothertheme that is important is the power of the undecided (* - wyrd, the blankViking rune, is the rune of 'maybe'), and the outcomes are different --Professor Horniman was defeated, De Ville was not. Although this only leadto Horniman's defeat, it was substantial, and the cosmic superbeing couldhave turned to favour the powers of 'good' (Berengaria, Trace, the...

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