X Men Iii: A Review

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From the director of Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3, Brett Ratner brings the famous fictional comic book superhero crew, X-Men, to life. When a young mutant's extraordinary power is discovered and an unexpected visitor returns things take a change for the worse and the mutants have to battle against time to defeat the Phoenix before it can no longer be controlled. Both teams of mutants are fighting for Jean Grey's ( the Phoenix) amazing abilities, but which team will she join?
Throughout the film many ethical issues arise about 'playing God'. A good example is when a group of scientists take advantage of a young boy's supposedly amazing superpower, that has the ability to suppress other mutants powers. The scientists then turn it into a 'cure' to rid the mutants of their superpowers and make them human again. This issue causes uproar within the mutant community causing it to become divided. You could say that this so called 'cure' is the root of all evil in the film as it causes major division between all the mutants with some of them using it as a cruel weapon. For example Magneto's evil army, who use this power against other mutants to defend themselves. On the other hand, some mutants feel that they need the cure to help them. For example Rogue feels she needs this cure to save her relationship with Iceman. But the majority of the mutant race claim that they do not need to be cured as they are perfectly fine the way they are. You should not interfere with nature's way.
The use of special effects in the film are always amazingly over the top and far fetched. However keeping in mind that the film is based on a comic book it does give the film a 'cartoon-like' feel. One use of special effects, that stuck in my mind and was very appropriate for the theme of this film was near the beginning. We see the mutants training in what seems like a real life setting when all of a sudden the setting melts away to reveal a futuristic looking room. However some of the audience may be confused if they had not seen previous X-Men films. As the film does not make it clear what is going on or where they are.  However not all the special effects are as good as that. Once again we see Storm's (Halle Berry) powers come to life in a way which does not suit this film at all and would look more at home...

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