X Men, In A Sociological Practice Essay

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Explain sociologically how social inequality (e.g. in terms of class, ethnicity or gender) is constructed and challenged in the X-men film narratives? In what ways is the piece of popular culture reflective of current Australian society?It is widely believed that Australia is a classless and equal society (Bessant 2002). However according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), this notion of Australia being a classless and equal society overshadows the results discovered by the government (ABS 2000). However, what is social inequality? Social inequality is the unequal access to power, prestige, income and/or wealth which some individuals, families and larger social groups do not have access to, as defined by (Bessant 2002). Producer, Lauren Shuler Donner of the film, X-men first class, effectively demonstrates the social inequality throughout the film through the use of a subculture-- the mutants, the use of class, anti-Semitism, the use of gender and lastly through the use of ethnicity. This essay will discuss and present, sociologically how social inequality is constructed and challenged in the X-Men film narratives and also how it is reflective of current Australian society. This will be backed up through the use of Max Webers and Karl Marx's theology. By using these two well renowned sociological theories we will be discussing how these theories influence social inequality within the movie X-Men First class and in Australia as a whole.Social inequality is prevalent throughout the film X-men first class. This is clearly evident through the subculture present within the film; the subculture being the mutants. A Subculture are "the values and related behaviours of a group that distinguish its members from the larger culture; basically a world within a world" (Henslin, Possamai, & Possamai-Inesedy, 2011 pp. 48.) The mutants in the X-Men film are considered to be alien-like creatures by the humans, as they have not gained full acceptance yet, because of the skills and powers they possess. They are considered to be a "Threat" to the human race and it is this, which limits this subculture (the mutants) to belong within society. However, within this there are two sides, one that wants to dominate the world and take control of the humans (that being Magnetos side) and the other which wants to help protect the humans (Professor X's side), both from the same subculture, but the only difference, one wants to dominate the world, whereas the other doesn't. By applying Karl Marx's theory, we can see how Magneto was aiming to creating a two-class society. The mutants being the bourgeoisie whereby the mutants would be the small group of capitalists which would own the means to produce wealth, and also control both the proletariat and also politics; As for the humans, they would become the proletariat, the mass workers who are exploited by the bourgeoisie, which would have no say in any part of the work. They would have no minimum wages, eight-hour...

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