X Pharmaceutical Laboratories / Saudi Arabia; A Glance At The Organization’s Culture And Affected Communication, Motivation And Change.

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INTRODUCTIONThis paper mainly aims to describe the organizational culture of X Pharmaceuticals Company, Saudi Arabia subsidiary (X-Ph SA), embracing the key theories & models provided in this module as basis for comparison and analysis. In order to do so, a brief description of the existing organizational structure of X-Ph is offered to better understand the relevancy of the cultural issues discussed. Also, the paper will reflect on selected key points of the organization's culture, namely, the communication, leadership & dealing with change where special considerations of change can be made to improve the organizational culture and/or manage it.Any such changes will emanate from the concepts relevant to change and management models provided in this course. Lastly, the overall conclusions will summarize the current situation of X-Ph culture, demonstrate how and why this is the case, and then windup with the proposed suggestions for improvement.SECTION (1)X-Labs SAUDI ARABIA; CURRENT SITUATION & STRUCTUREX-Labs Company is the Saudi Arabia subsidiary of a well established French independent pharmaceutical company operating in over 140 countries worldwide with its headquarters based in Paris, France. It has been engaged in the field of developing, manufacturing and promoting pharmaceutical products mainly in the arena of diabetes and cardiovascular disease for about 45 years; with 60% of its turnover is generated from Europe. Factories, production sites, research & development units are based in France as well and 25% of X-Labs turnover is invested in R&D alone. The founder of the company Dr. X, although retired, still holds a rather legislative position as the Chairperson of X-Labs Foundation and oversees the company's operations running the company as a private foundation without ever considering the possibility of changing it to a public company. He admits this as a lucrative option; however he foresees satisfying stakeholders is usually achieved at the expense of R&D and personnel who he prefers to maintain to further participate in health and medical field without limitations and provide high quality, branded medications with affordable cost to all clients. His first man in power who is the President of X-Labs Foundation who has full executive jurisdictions over all X-Labs subsidiaries; to him five Sector Directors manage the company's overseas operations and report to him.The Saudi Arabia subsidiary has been in the Saudi market of pharmaceutical promotion for 25 years, since then the magnitude of sales revenue, size and market penetration has increased significantly in this dynamic and diverse market. The head-office is located in the western part of the kingdom which both geographically and in market size is the largest; with about 100 employees spread over the country. X-Labs/SA markets and sells about 10 medications in both private and public health sectors. Revenue by end of 2008 was over US$37.4 million, reflecting...

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