X Vs Stab. The Story Of A Rivalry Rla Assignment

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“Never doubt your instinct” were the last words Stab ever told me after our final meeting in person. Stab had left with all of my dearest personal items and basically my entire life, but that was years ago. Who knows what Stab has been up to in these years.Nobody’s heard of him in the longest, some say he’s dead but I doubt knowing him he is. He’s probably somewhere backstabbing. What did you say your name was again? Ah yes, Mike. Well welcome to the beautiful Asia. Just in case you ever see yourself doubting someone. Stab is a very rich man, he usually wears his gold armor on him and usually has his hair braided back into a bun. He is also a very young looking man. If you ever do encounter him don’t show off anything, don’t befriend him, just come back straight to me and let me know
1 week later…
*casually walking down the street with his girlfriend, sees Stab*
Man he can’t be as bad as X said…
Hey my name is Mike, Nice to meet you. I’m new to town is there anywhere you can recommend to eat?... “there’s a great Asian food place about a mile down this road” Okay great do you mind joining us? “uh, sure I haven’t ate since morning”. Alright, lets go.
30 mins later…
“wow that food was amazing, thanks for everything but I have to head out, here’s my address if you ever want to meet up again.” Alright thanks
*Mike heads out to meet up with X*
X: You’re telling my you befriended Stab?! You could be in a very dangerous place right now. Have you seen your girlfriend at all after that lunch? Have you used or checked your bank account? Here, go check out your house. Give me his address and i’ll go look for him. Meet me in 30...

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