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Marketing Management-IICase AnalysisXerox Corporation: The Customer Satisfaction ProgramCase BriefXerox Corporation: The Customer Satisfaction ProgramXerox Corporation, incorporated in 1906, is engaged in the document management business, offering an array of document products, services, and solutions. The company is specialized in the production and management of documents: ranging from color to black-and-white, digital and paper for the small office or the multinational enterprise. Being an icon of innovation for years and a dominator of the copier market, Xerox experienced years of success. Xerox Corporation was the first company to launch a xerographic machine in the year 1959. It was a ...view middle of the document...

This shows that the company has a very good market research orientation.Upward communication: The various functions of the organization worked together and they acted as partners in decision and planning processes. The data obtained from the field was sent to the district level and regional level which was in turn sent to the top management. This data was consolidated and was circulated so that corrective actions could be taken. The senior management also met frequently to discuss the issues.Management Levels: Though there were many levels in the organization, the effective communication reduced the boundaries between the functions. Initially the structure was bureaucratic which made the company suffer in the way it dealt with the competition. But after restructuring the organization, the company succeeded due to the flexibility it achieved.Commitment to the quality of service: Since 1980, Xerox management concentrated on quality as they realized that it is a very important factor to sustain its market share. They not only wanted to deal with the customers' existing needs but also with the latent needs. They trained the employees in quality tools and processes which shows their commitment to quality.Goals: Their basic vision was to achieve 100% customer satisfaction which they succeeded to achieve. They had a clear goal to become the industry benchmark in customer satisfaction and they had clear defined goals for both internal and external worlds.Standardization: It is difficult to standardize the customer service procedure. The customer service division of the organization, however, was dealt with as a cost center and they were measured on some predetermined criteria to ensure the proper functioning of the division.Teamwork: Earlier, the members didn't work as a team but they shared information across divisions and across various levels of management. Staffs were divided into groups which were benchmarked with respect to each other. This was to ensure competitiveness within the company.Horizontal Communication: This was a problem as the customer did not perceive the vendors and the company to be of same credibility. This could be made better by communicating clearly to the customers. However, one method of horizontal communication that helped the organization was the information and knowledge sharing that happened across regions due to the consolidated data the company had.Comprehended control: The Company gave the authority and options to the operating units to respond to the customers requirements so as to maximize customer satisfaction. The information obtained was also circulated back to the regional and district levels after consolidation so as to allow them to deal with the problems the customer experiences.SWOT AnalysisStrengthsXerox has a favourable brand image. The company was one of the pioneers in the document processing business, and the name stands for quality, state-of-the-art technology, and good service. It has many patents to...

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