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Xml Within Organizations Essay

2273 words - 10 pages

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Extensible markup language
1.2. Petri nets
1.3. Workflow Management
2. Supply Chains With XML
3. Interorganizational data interchange based on XML
3.1. Interchange of XML Documents
3.2. Uptodate XML Interchange Between Companies
4. Conclusion
1. Introduction
Efficient interorganizational business processes in the field of e-commerce require the
integration of electronic document interchange and interorganizational processes:
From the document point of view, there is a need for electronically interchanging structured
documents and data between the organizations involved. It is esp crucial and highly important ...view middle of the document...

But, as commercial and academic use of the Web increased, the need to serve up more
dynamic content also grew. Derived from Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML),
the first draft describing XML was created in 1996 by a group within the (W3C) World Wide
Web Consortium, which was chaired by Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems. XML can best be
described as a universal format for exchanging structured documents and data on the Web.An
XML document type definition (DTD) allows to specify a document type with problem
specific markups as a class of XML documents conforming to that specific DTD, i.e. a set of
documents that follow these document design rules.
Why is XML important ?
It removes two constraints which were holding back Web developments:
1. dependence on a single, inflexible document type (HTML);
2. the complexity of full SGML , whose syntax allows many powerful but hard-toprogram
XML simplifies the levels of optionality in SGML, and allows the development of userdefined
document types on the Web.
Figure 1 shows a simple DTD for an employee document with personnel information, a list of
projects she or he works in and a list of the skills.
Figure 2 shows a corresponding valid docume nt for the employee Mary L. Miller.
Figure 1: Document type definition for employee

Figure 2: Valid employee document




Oracle 8

In the near future, XML DTDs may be complemented by XML schemas , a new standard
promoted by W3C which attempts to overcome the limits of a DTD e.g. concerning the dataoriented
role of XML in e-commerce applications. XML schemas, a functional superset of
DTDs, are written in XML and can therefore be parsed and validated like XML documents.
Moreover, they provide a way to specify data types and thereby ensure data integrity for valid
XML documents.
1.2. Petri nets
For the modeling of business processes several more or less formal description languages have
been proposed. In contrast to other languages, Petri nets combine the advantages of the
graphical representation of processes with a formal definition. Beyond visualization of
processes Petri nets allow for the analysis and validation of business processes
1.3. Workflow Management
Workflow management supports business process management: business processes can be
modeled by more or less formal or graphical modeling languages like eventdriven process
chains or Petri nets. The workflow itself, i.e. a concrete process execution, can be interpreted
as an...


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