Y'all Americans Need Kinder Eggs Essay

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I lived in a border-town, Baudette, when I was young. The Canadian border was no more than ten minutes away. Whenever I visited my grandmother, who lived in Rainy River, my sisters and I would go to the grocery store and get a certain chocolate. On Easter and other special events I would get the same chocolate. I assumed I could get them anywhere, as a child you don’t think about whether the government allows chocolate in the states or not. These treats aren’t just your grainy Hersey or deceitful Creme Eggs, these chocolates are siblings to Ferrero Rochers. They are delicious chocolates named “Kinder Surprise” and I was full of surprise finding out my childhood candy was banned from the U.S. the year I was born. In fact they had a recall the day of my birth (CPSC).
The fact my friends have never tasted a Kinder Egg a day in their life is heart-breaking for me. Kinder Surprises are egg-shaped with a milk-chocolate shell and white chocolate on the inside. Inside is a small capsule with a toy you can assemble—similar to what Americans can find in cereal boxes or at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. The small toy is usually in a series, where one buys more Kinder Eggs to complete a certain set (such as Disney princesses or odd animals). Yet, there’s no point in explaining what these delicious treats are if you aren’t allowed to buy them. I say the U.S. lifts the silly ban on Kinder Eggs and allows people to enjoy a sweet chocolate with an amazing reward of a toy.
The main reasons the U.S. banned Kinder Eggs are the “choking hazard” and the “Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938” (Marisco). The act states candy/chocolates cannot include items that do not serve a purpose for the product, strings in candy bracelets are ok but awesome toys are a no go (Ausin). I understand the choking hazard, adults are worried little tykes will choke to death on Kinder Eggs by not having a second thought in shoving the whole thing in. Adults are apparently keen on not allowing joy to small children anymore either.
Let me add I lived in Baudette until I was seven, meaning I enjoyed Kinder Eggs for a good three years (or more, I’m no genius in exact memory). Kinder Surprises have not only a warning label, but Austin writes Kinder Eggs are the “same size as a normal hen’s egg.” Meaning to shove an entire Kinder Egg in a three-year-old’s mouth is quite the task. Some speculate children...

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