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Yacon Facts: Who Else Wants To Know Truth About Yacon Syrup?

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Is yacon (ya-kon) syrup the latest-greatest weight loss wonder food? Or, is it simply the latest marketing ploy to part you from your money? The yacon vegetable is not new; it is centuries old. But, unless you live in South America, it's probably new to you.

Yacon is a high fiber, low calorie tuberous, fruitlike vegetable. It has long been enjoyed by South Americans for it satisfying crispness and apple-like taste. In addition, its leaves are used to wrap around various foods while cooking.

Although the vegetable appeared in the U.S. around 2006, most people weren't aware of yacon syrup until recently. However, people in Bolivia and Peru have long used yacon therapeutically for digestive problems and diabetes.

Fact: Yacon syrup has received the Dr. Oz seal of approval as a weight loss aid.

Dr. Oz Study:

There were 60 female participants at the beginning of the study. At the conclusion 40 females remained. For 28 days, the participants consumed a teaspoon of yacon syrup during or prior to meals.

The results showed that 73% of the participants lost about 2.9+ pounds, with an average decrease in waist measurement of 1.9".

The Susana Genta Study

In 2009, Susana Genta and other researchers studied obese women, who were in the pre-menopause stage. For 120 days, the participants were given 10 mg. monitored doses of yacon syrup and ultimately all lost weight, as well as decreased their body mass index.

They also presented with lower "bad" cholesterol and higher "good cholesterol". Reportedly, constipation challenges were markedly improved. No adverse side-effects were reported.

A Japanese Study

A Japanese study focused on yacon's anti-hyperglycemic components. Or, the vegetable's capacity to maintain desirable blood sugar levels, even though it is naturally sweet. These findings pointed to the potential of yacon syrup as a better option for diabetics than simple sugars.
Fact: Yacon is rich in short-chain fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which is a very long word for the natural sweetness contained in foods.
Now – this is slick! The little FOS guys do not act like simple sugars in our body. Instead, they mimic non-digestible carbohydrates or soluble fiber. As you are aware, soluble fiber serves to increase stool mass, which helps prevent constipation. Also, the body can't extract calories from FOS foods!
As a result, good stuff happens! Yacon syrup contains prebiotic properties. Good gut bacteria eat prebiotics. Good bacteria, like lactobacillus will send bad bacteria packing. Not only does this enhance our digestion and boost our immune system, it produces anti-inflammatory effects. Prebiotics have been connected with positive weight control.
FOS is contained in veggies and fruit, such as onions, garlic, bananas, beans and asparagus. But, here's the kicker. Yacon contains 30 – 70% more highly concentrated FOS, than other fruits or vegetables.
Some supermarkets and whole food stores carry fresh yacon. If you can locate this succulent...

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