Yahweh And The Pharaoh Essay

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Exodus 7- 14 begins with Yahweh’s people under the authority of Pharaoh and Pharaoh won’t let them go. Yahweh spoke to Moses and to Moses’ brother, Aaron, and told them to tell Pharaoh to let His people go. Throughout the chapters, Yahweh will strengthen Pharaohs heart letting His signs and wonders multiply throughout Egypt. The land of Egypt will experience many acts of judgements resulting in death and in the freedom of Yahweh’s people.
Pharaoh is first induced to Yahweh through two old men, Moses and Aaron. Pharaoh sees these men as not a threat resulting him into thinking that their God is weak. Moses and Aaron then try to show Yahweh through the signs involving the staff. Pharaoh is ...view middle of the document...

Yahweh continues to show mercy towards Pharaoh.
Yahweh makes a distinction between His people and the others of Egypt. The plague of flies only affect Pharaoh and his people and ruins all their land. With each new plague, its affecting Pharaoh a little more each time. This time, Pharaoh tells Moses again to go worship their God in exchange of removing the frogs from the land. Yahweh shows mercy again causing Pharaoh to not let His people ago once more. This lets Pharaoh think he is still in control, that he is invincible.
In the next two plagues, Pharaoh himself is still not directly affected causing Pharaoh’s heart to be strengthened by Yahweh’s mercy. The next plague is different- Pharaoh will be personally affected. Yahweh explains to Pharaoh why he has been so merciful with sparing his life. Yahweh wanted to show Pharaohs and his people His power and let His name resound throughout all the earth. Pharaoh heart is still hardened. Pharaoh’s officials understand how powerful Yahweh is and ask Pharaoh “How long shall this fellow be a...

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