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Yeah Virgin Essay

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She clinches her fist as tightly as she can, lays it on the inside of her right thigh and then she squeezes; she squeezes her thighs together with all her might, her fist still smudged in the middle, suffocating between the pressure of her thighs. She’s persistent. She squeezes until both thighs and fist becomes sweaty. She takes a deep breath and punches the bed. She removes her fist from between her thighs. The famous clinch didn’t work. There is always a plan b right? She grabs not one but two pillows and place them long ways between her legs, you know like Nia Long did in Love Jones, trying to fight her urges. She squeezes, let go, squeezes, let go, and repeats for a good minute and ...view middle of the document...

Virgin: a person who has not had sexual intercourse.
There are several different reasons women choose to stay virgins. Some are waiting on the right guy to come along, some are waiting until they feel that they are ready, and the most popular reason of them all, a lot of women are waiting for marriage.
Let’s talk about the women who are waiting until marriage to have sex. Most women who are waiting until marriage is doing it based off their religious belief. Being a virgin to some women represents one’s closeness to God and one’s value to God. This alone is where women can go wrong. Now believing this may help a virgin stay on the straight and narrow but it’s not necessarily true. God may be proud of you, indeed he is proud, you’re following his word, and for that many blessings shall come to you. But being a virgin doesn’t determine one’s value to God. Christians know that God values all his children the same. So what business does a Christian have believing or teaching others that any action they take—including abstinence from sex—determines their value to God? What part of the Word is that?
God says that sex is the unity of two souls connecting to become one. Genesis 2:24 states “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” That’s what marriage is all about, becoming one with your partner, and God repeats over in the bible that he honors marriage. Even believing deeply in God and having strong faith, it’s easy to fall victim to temptation, and some virgins may even wonder that it must be more to life that consensual non-sex. How are you supposed to be sure you want to marry a man if you don’t know what sex with him is like? This thought indeed comes across virgins minds. You may be reading this saying to yourself, the girl is virgin; she doesn’t know what sex with any man is like. Yes, you’re right, she doesn’t, but she’s only physically and well technically a virgin. In her head she’s far from pure. Most virgins have had sex with several different men mentally. She fantasizes about what it would be like with different men, men she personally knows or even men she’s only seen, and it’s always different. The sex is never the same because the man is never the same. So what if this man who proposed to her, whom she has indeed pictured having sex with, wasn’t as good as another man she has imagined herself having sex with; the curiosity still lies and she’s left wondering. She may get afraid that she may miss out; maybe she’s going to marry this man, and think about sleeping with another man throughout her marriage. A great example of this is Tyler Perry’s film Temptation. In the film a young virgin and also God fearing woman marries the only man she’s ever loved. They had known each other since they were kids. She had a good husband but a new guy came around and started to give her reasons to wonder. This man assures her that he can not only give her a better lifestyle,...

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