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“Jesus didn’t say yes to everyone. I mean Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.” These are the words of our beloved prime minister, Tony Abbott. We may not take him seriously but the reality is that he is in a position of power in our country and he can conceal and make public what he wants.
My name is Emily Dodd and I’m here today to make sure that The Crucible is included in your 2015 bill. The connecting factor between the events of Salem in 1692, the McCarthy era and today’s society is simple. Fear. Fear can be experienced and exploited in society in a number of ways. It can be manipulated for conformity of a society to a single philosophy or policy through the fear of the unknown. The Crucible is an allegory for McCarthyism during the Cold War and the fear associated with it. High School students can connect with a play written over 60 years ago because of the relevance of the fear of unknown and the ensuing manipulation by people in power or a society.
The first example I am going to use from The Crucible that represents the fear of the unknown is the hysteria when the people of Salem can’t explain events that are commonly associated with witchcraft. Many people blame the lowest people in society, such as Tituba the slave and Sarah Good the beggar. Abigail throws a lot of these accusations around as an abuse of her power, and lies about visions of the devil, taking advantage of the fear of the unknown felt in the village to escape from tarnish. This is mirrored in current society as there is hysteria created about Asylum Seekers by Tony Abbott, when in reality, the issue doesn’t impact many people in Australian society. Australia received 8308 applications for asylum in 2012-2013, in comparison to 315,000 in 2014 received in South Africa. Tony Abbott’s view on asylum seekers is clear: he doesn’t think they belong and is instead sending them back to the country where they came from or putting them in detention in other countries. The worrying aspect is not that our prime minister has views, but that the Australian public believes that asylum seekers are taking jobs and decreasing livelihoods of ‘Australians’. 35% of Australians believe that we should turn back asylum seekers, while a large majority are just confused about the whole issue. This is reflected in the Crucible as Abigail is influential in the views of the society because she is in a position of power. In reference to Tituba,...

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