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Year 12 Ancient History Assessment Task. Pericles "How Did The Policies Of Pericles Contribute To The Expanding Power And Influence Of The Athenian Empire?

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The policies of Pericles contributed to the expanding power and influence of the Athenian Empire because they unified Athens and made it the center point of Greece. They influenced other Greek Poleis through policies such as the introduction of the Athenian Coin and expanded their power over other Greek Poleis through increasing their Naval and Land Army. 'The aim of his statesmanship was to increase the Athenian Empire and to spread the political influence of Athens within the borders of Greece." Bury.The sources used when discussing the Athenian Empire are primary, secondary and archaeological sources. The primary sources used are 'History of the Peloponnesian War' by Thucydides and 'Pericles' by Plutarch. These sources were written after the event occurred but still gives a clear account of what happened. The archaeological evidence used are things such as findings of the Athenian Coin and the buildings built during the time such as the Pantheon. The modern sources are all written with the use of primary and archaeological sources. These are 'Athenian Democracy' by Robin Barrow, 'Athenian Society' by Jennifer Gibbon, 'The Athenian Empire' by Russell Meiggs, 'A history of Greece' by J.B Bury and Russell Meiggs and 'Pericles' by Gari Kenworthy.The first policy introduced by Pericles contributed to the influence of The Athenian Empire was the opening of the Archonship to the 3rd Class, the Zeugitae and in practice even the 4th Class, the Thetes gained entrance to this office. This policy made Athens more influential because it helped to unify Athens as it took another step into democracy. "No one, not even if he is poverty-stricken, is kept out of politics if he has something to contribute..." Pericles Funeral Speech. This policy also shows their superiority over the other Greek Poleis, as they know have developed the best political system. Democracy for Athens meant that the people ruled and that meant that they were doing what they wanted to do, which, in turn, meant that they were enthusiastic.Throughout this period Athens, under Pericles, had been increasing their land and naval army. With this increase the other Greek allies were getting less and less powerless over the Delian league. In 454 Delian League Treasury was moved to Athens. This meant that Athens could keep the profits and have power over how they were spent. Pericles enemies were not pleased with this decision and said that the Athenian people had lost its reputation and was disgraced for having brought the common treasury of Greece from Delos to herself. 'So Pericles explained to the people that they were owed no account to the allies for the money, while they fought for them and protected the from the barbarians. They contributed neither horse nor ship but only money, and the money is the business not of those to whom it is given, so long as they supply the services for which the money is given. Plutarch, Pericles. This demonstrates the power that Athens had over her allied...

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