Year 9 Commerce Had An Assignment To Do During A Period Of Six Weeks. Students Chose 4 Alternative Methods Of Investing $10, 000 They Had Inherited.

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Investment decisionsYear 9 Commerce had an assignment to do during a period of six weeks. Students chose 4 alternative methods of investing $10, 000 they had inherited. The students had to keep track of the performance of the invested choices on a weekly basis for six weeks. Students would have to research and collect information about shares, interest rates and etc. Students must hand in a written report including illustrations and calculations of the 'return'. This report is to be handed to Mrs. Hough by Friday September 16th. The assignment was written so students would be able to identify benefits of investing and to benefit to it in the future.4 Choices:1. Using a Savings Account with Westpac Banking Corporation. The savings accounts available are "The Westpac One" & "The Westpac One Premium". Both Savings Account offer Unlimited Free Transactions per month and 4% pa on savings account within the package if you make no withdrawals and at least one deposit per month. It would symbolize low levels of risk and using a Savings Account is very "liquid". It is easily accessible and convenient.2. Purchasing shares with BHP Billiton (BHP). Purchasing Shares involves purchasing equities, which represents a small proportion of the ownership of the company. Buying shares is almost like a gamble. If someone purchases shares off a company and the company is going badly, that person will receive a low return. But if the company is doing well, then the person will receive a high return. No one will know whether a company will go well or bad. But buying shares can be an easy way of making money.3. Purchasing metal (Gold) or commodities. Purchasing gold has very high risks. Gold fluctuates constantly and has high potential to lose money. It is usually not secure but majority of the time, the investment will make profit.4. Using a Term Deposit with ANZ bank. Using a Term deposit with ANZ Bank provides the "Special Rate" range of Term Deposits. The "Special Rate" range of term deposits provide people with term deposits with high interest rates. The best interest rate in the "Special Rate" range is 6% p.a. Term Deposits are considered unreasonably "liquid" due to a seven day period for a withdrawal. Term deposits usually have low risks; this may result in a low return. Term Deposits are a convenient form of investment with little problems.Purchasing Metal (Gold) or Commodities: Information about GoldWith $10,000 AUS, 17.6 ounces of gold was purchased. Gold was sold for $436.50 US per ounce. To find out the price of gold in Australian dollars, the price of gold was divided by a dollar. E.g. X ounces of gold 1 AUS. Over the six week period, the price of gold fluctuated. The price of gold increased greatly. From $566.32 the price rose to $581.00 during 5 weeks. On the 6th and last week, the price decreased by $2.20.Risk:Gold has a high potential to lose money. It is not very secure and the security of the invested money is not assured. It is also very...

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