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3..2..1.. summer the yearlong torturer of another school year is over and summer has begun but what do we forget during our break, students traditionally return to school to repeat the process of acclimating to new teachers, new classmates, and a new classroom. Students struggle to remember lessons and assignments they have not been taught for months. The summer learning loss, many schools have implemented year-round schooling. The Association for Year-Round Education reported that in 2007 that 3,000 year-round schools enrolled more than 2 million students in the United States. But does the research show that year-round schooling really pays off? Students in year-round schools do as well or ...view middle of the document...

Students have many opportunities to relearn material, practice, play catch up, or do nonacademic activities continuously throughout the year (McMillen, 2001). Many schools considering changing their annual calendar should know that year-round schooling takes different forms. The calendar can be single-track with students and teachers all following the same schedule, or multitrack with students and teachers divided into two or more groups following staggered schedules, so students who did poorly on a subject or who joint mid- year can get a lengthened period to learn.
The length of school and breaks varies. For example, in the 45-15 model, students attend school for 45 days and then have a 15-day break; in the 60-20 model, students attend school for 60 days and then break for 20 days. How schools use the breaks, or intermissions, for testing and learning varies. Some schools keep the school year the same amount of days consistently, whereas others use the shift to add more total days to the school year. Because year-round schooling takes so many forms and the research is inconclusive, it is important to directly communicate with other schools and school districts that have long-term experience with year-round calendars—including schools that adopted a year-round calendar only to eventually return to a traditional one. Teachers and school administrators in these districts can give you insights into year-round schooling that would be most important for your school or school district.
Teachers and school administrators considering the shift to year-round schooling, and what kind of year-round schooling would be best for their school—they should also be sure to identify and consider exactly what the pros and cons they expect a modified...

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