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I am a fan of the idea of year-long school and I think it would work wonders if done correctly, having a week off every 4-6 weeks or even changing a part of our summer break to be a bigger winter break since it would help with weather issues cause we normally miss a ton of school anyways because of snow days or bus issues. Also, the short breaks could give students who were sick or out of school for some reason a chance to catch up on missed work and around report card or exam time teachers would have a bit more time to correct and get the final marks in.
Depending on how the breaks are set up which in the UK it is a week off every 5-6 weeks (Don’t quote me on that) Parents could plan week-long vacations or appointments a lot easier on days off so students don’t miss a couple more days a year because of doctors or dentist appointments.
Another big thing is when you come back from your summer break you have to relearn some of the material from before break so for the first couple of days back it's a quiz to see what you remember and what you don’t and...

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