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Year Round Education: A New Perspective

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Year Round Education: A New Perspective


Over the years we have gained aspect to all the new technologies and advancements that have improved the educational system. Each innovation has helped in some way or another to develop better academic programs in schools around the United States. Recently, a proposal has been made to change the traditional school year of nine-months to a year-round program that has sparked controversy all over. Despite controversy though, there are still many strong supporters of the idea. According to the National Association for Year-Round Education (NAYRE), “the pervasive and unique impact of extended-year schooling on children's cognitive development suggested that it may be a key reform in improving the American education system” (Frazier-Gustafson, 2003). The purpose of this research paper is to investigate how technology-rich year-round schooling can promote academic success for students.

Traditional Calendars

Traditional school-year calendars usually begin the day after Labor Day and end early in the summer, with a Christmas break, selective holidays, and a three-month summer vacation. It is also known as the agrarian calendar because school’s needed to revolve around the same time as the harvesting and planting of crops. The calendar was made this way to allow for children to be available to the family for farming during the months of summer. Although farming has declined, the traditional calendar has now been in effect for over a century and with the suggestions of Year-Round Schooling (YRS) educators are trying to update this “old” system of schooling.

Year-Round Calendars

Some might get the wrong impression when the term year-round education is brought up.
The NAYRE states that:
Year-round education centers on reorganizing the school year to provide more continuous learning by breaking up the long summer vacation into shorter, more frequent vacations throughout the year. It does not eliminate the summer vacation, but reduces it and redistributes it as vacation or intersession time during the school year. Students attending a year-round school go to the same classes and receive the same instruction as students on a traditional calendar. The year-round calendar is organized into instructional periods and vacation weeks that are more evenly balanced across 12 months than the traditional school calendar. The balanced calendar minimizes the learning loss that occurs during a typical three-month summer vacation (Stenvall, 2003).

With a better understanding of the YRS system more school programs will begin to make the transition from traditional calendars to YRE calendars in an effort to help and improve the academic progress of their students.


There are various forms of YRS that can be implemented into the school systems. Each type differentiates from the other which is why before choosing a YRS program the schools should take some time and...

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