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Year Round School, The Key Of Success?

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Students struggling with eight months of school, would twelve make them more successful? There has been a lot of controversy during the past couple years regarding this topic, not only in the Us, Europe has taken part in this too. With US states and European countries changing their school year schedules to a year-round formula, a question has come to all the people that has studied following the normal school plan of a 3-month vacation in summer. Is this new system effective? Does it work? How do students react to a twelve-month school year?
Let’s start by explaining how the calendar of a year-round school looks: Year-round school is based on a yearly calendar that consists of a rearrangement of the typical school calendar. Typically, students will go to school in September with time off in November when they have their Thanksgiving recess. They then again have a vacation in December for the winter recess, which will last until after the ...view middle of the document...

As a European studying in the US, I always like to compare the different points of view between both countries/continents. Currently, Germany is the country with the biggest amount of year-round schools in the world, and their school results are not the best in Europe even though they are obtaining great results with this new formula of year-round school having improved a lot during the last years. Most of my German friends go to this new kind of schools and they affirm it makes school a lot easier even though it can be a little stressing to get used to not having such long vacation as the rest of people does during summer. Their main point was that they can keep up with school and after-school activities because the frequency of little breaks is so high that they not only can get caught up with late work, they also get a chance to disconnect and go back to school with fully recovered energy ready to work and be successful.
On the other hand, we have the classic school systems that are not year-round, which are still the most successful kind of school nowadays. For example Finland, the country with the best education system in the world still follows the regular calendar and the level of success of their students is the highest in the
World. This is the case of some of the other best educations systems in the world, such as Austria, US in most of the states, or my home country, Spain. In my opinion, I still prefer the classic school calendar because summer vacation gives you the opportunity of learning in different ways that schools can’t teach, travelling, meeting new people or just dealing with the real world…
In conclusion, It has not been proven yet that year-round is better than the classic method, I think it depends on your preferences, your way of life and the different cultures. I think it is good that we have variety of opportunities of choosing to study the way we want, and it should keep being that way rather than trying to demonstrate which one is better or worse because that would be something really hard to achieve, there would be people that would like one more, and other people will prefer the other one, so as in everything, variety is good.

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