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Year Round Schooling: A Push For The Better

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Most schools in America today follow the traditional 180-day schooling system. This system was started in the 19th century when schooling for children began. There was a 10-week summer vacation for the students to help their families on the farm for harvesting. In March of 2009, President Barak Obama suggested to the public his Race to the Top program. The program is to extend the school hours or extend the school days. “We can no longer afford an academic calendar designed when America was a nation of farmers who needed their children at home plowing the land at the end of each day,” he says. His reason is the students of school today will not be equipped for the 21st century if we continue to use the traditional 180-day schooling calendar. In addition, the teachers would receive more pay for better teachers, something that was opposed by teachers unions. “We have let our grades slip, our schools crumble, our teacher quality fall short, and other nations outpace us,” Obama says. He pleaded that people and administrators to add more class time. He also continues on in his speech about the placement of America’s students in their intelligence quotient, or IQ.

Academic placement in the world is important. It is the first step in returning our economic status up to where it once was. One starts with a decent high school education, then continues on in college, but not in the fashion of just starting over like most students in America. After have the more specific education, one continues to a high-quality job. Once at the respectable job, they can create new things, like medicine, or electronics. The new thing will become a high demand across the world and America’s economy will boost. The first step towards getting there is getting the better high school education and that will come from and extended year schooling. The extended year schooling, or also known as year-round schooling, is what contributes to the other nations having a higher IQ. China’s students go to school for 223 days and have an average IQ of 107. France shares our amount of days and shares our average IQ of 98. Also, the year-round schooling will stop the summer “Brain Drain.” The “Brain Drain” is the loss of academic skills that happens over the summer. The year-round schooling is the best path towards having an outstanding nation.

In his article “Go Year-Round: A Push for True Summer School”, Milton Chen, the executive director of Edutopia, urges readers to use the year-round schooling system. He explains in brief words what the summer vacation was for. “…when farm families needed young people home during the summer months to replace the three R's with the two P's -- plantin' and pickin' " (Chen). He carries on discussing that the problem with the school days is not only the amount, but the schedule of the school day. The curriculum is too tight; neither the students nor the teachers have the time to...

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