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Year Round Schooling Benefits Teachers And Students Alike

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Year round school or the modified school year is a rearrangement of the traditional school year to provide the students with continuous learning throughout the school year. Students receive the same amount of instructional time as a traditional school. In year round schools, the instructional time is balanced without of school time more evenly. (Winter, 2005) The National Association for Year Round Schooling defines it as “a schedule which contains no break lasting longer than eight weeks-schools are able to keep their students in constant learning mode, and are able to use the intersessions between periods of schooling to address the problems of students who are falling behind.” (St. Gerard, 2007, pg. 57) There are three common tracks of year round schooling. They are the single track, multitrack, and extended year. The single track is scheduled throughput the year into intersessions which allow time for enrichment or red-mediation. The multitrack is used to help schools reduce overcrowding. The school divides the teachers and students into groups of an equal size. Each group has its own schedule. One group is on intercession while the other is in school. The extended year increases the amount of time spent in schools from 180 days to as many as 240 days a year. (McGlynn, 2002)
There are many advantages to year round schooling. The two major advantages for year round schooling is the elimination or reduction in learning loss during summer breaks and improvement of student achievement. Winter, also stated other advantages such as attendance in school, reduction in drop out rate, student attitudes, and teacher attitudes. Less absenteeism by both teachers and students.The students attitudes were more positive to school and learning. The teacher attitudes become more positive and less stressful. (Winter, 2005) There are many teacher advantages such as reducing teacher stress, provides time for professional reflection, and gives teachers a flexible work schedule.(Gismondi & Nasser, 2003) McMillen, reports another advantage in cost saving in the multitrack system. School districts are able to postpone the need to build new schools in areas experiencing significant growth in population. (McMillen, 2001) To help with overcrowding in schools, they will use the multitrack system. The teachers and students are both placed into groups or tracks about the same size. Teachers and students follow the track assigned to them. There is always one track that is on intersession. The schools are able to handle the increased amounts in enrollment...

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