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Year Round Schooling: The Answer To Academic Success

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Year round schooling is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and has shown positive academic benefits for students enrolled in year round schools. Many countries implement year round schooling, and academic ability of their students greatly surpasses those of the United States. Year round schooling, as well as increase in school days should be implemented in schools nationwide in the United States. The need for long summer vacations is non-existent, as society has become industrialized. Implementing year-round schooling, and increasing the number of school days will allow the United States to invest more time into education in order to grow and build academic ...view middle of the document...

Year-Round schooling poses many benefits, the most important being increase in academic success. The shorter breaks in year round schooling combat the natural loss of information that happens over summer break in traditional schooling schedules. Consequently the need for teachers to review material decreases, and more time can be invested in teaching students new material. According to the national summer learning association, students score lower on standardized tests taken at the end of summer than tests taken at the beginning of summer; furthermore, most students may lose two months of reading and mathematical achievement over the summer months. The loss over summer is often times greater for students of low income families due to the fact they are less likely to partake in academic activities over the summer (“Know”).
One Texas school, Socorro independent school district, in El Paso county showed great results of year-round schooling. In the district unemployment rates exceed 12% and the student population is made up of 90% Mexican-American minority, and 70% economically disadvantaged students. Despite this fact, students attending the Socorro independent school district score at or above the state academic average; furthermore, the dropout rate is less than 1%, and more than 65% of graduates go on to gain higher education. (Barber)
The United States ranks 17th in the world for education. Some countries in the world are making academic progress two and even three times faster than the United states. It is estimated that the academic gain established by these countries is the equivalent of two years of learning. In 2006 an international exam administered to 56 countries concluded that only 6% of the U.S. students excelled academically at an advanced level, and 30 countries achieved higher advanced student percentages compared to the U.S. One should ask “What does the United States lack, that the other countries have in common?” The answer is a so called “culture of education” (“Best Education”).
The culture of education that top academic countries hold is greatly related to their success. The government, teachers, parents and students alike view education as high priority. It’s not only the view of education that contributes to their success, but most importantly the time invested in education. One of the top countries in education achievement is South Korea, in which the school year is 220 days (Feldman). It holds true that to accomplish anything important life, time must be invested in gaining success. Current year-round schools in the United States do not typically increase the number of school days.
The benefits that year-round schooling and increased number school days can bring to the United States, if implemented nationwide, are all but small. Today’s society no longer has the need for lengthy summer vacations. Students will still enjoy much needed breaks. Year-round schooling is a movement that...

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