Annual Report Comparison Of Two Comanies In Paper/Forest Products

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 The two companies which are being compared in this report are: Acadian Timber and Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
 Both these companies are in the industry of Paper and Forest Products
 In this report, the following topics are analysed and compared:
o Overall Appearance – Canfor Pulp Products has a more colourful appearance which makes it more appealing towards the readers, whereas Acadian Timber has worked around a common colour, which has made the report look rather dull and boring to look at
o Aim – Canfor Pulp Products Inc. has made their annual report for general public, whereas Acadian Timber was very straight forward as their annual report was for potential investors
o Detail – Both companies presented their annual reports in a very detailed manner, even though Canfor Pulp Products Inc. had more detail which allowed them to clearly get their points across
 Sections of the Annual Report that this report will focus on:
o Brief Description
o Message to Shareholder(s)
o Financial Highlights
o Managements’ Discussion and Analysis
o Independent Auditor’s Report
o Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
o Consolidated Financial Statements
o Additional Information
 According to the figures, it is understandable that Canfor Pulp Products Inc. is a much bigger company and a more successful company than Acadian Timber, as it has a much higher revenue and a much higher net income, and also a higher shareholder’s equity
 Overall, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. had a better annual report due to it being more informative and visually appealing, even though both companies presented their financial statements in a very effective manner

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. and Acadian Timber are both part of the Paper and Forest Products industry. Thus, their field of work surrounds trees and timber.
Acadian Timber
• The second largest suppliers of forest products in Northeastern U.S.A (Maine) and Eastern Canada.
• They have around 2.4 million acres of land under management.
• Their products include softwood and hardwood sawlogs, pulpwood and biomass by-products. They have 90 regional customers.
Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
• A leading supplier of pulp and paper products on the global stage
• Their major operations are in British Columbia
• They are the leading producer of bleached, high performance ‘Kraft Paper’
• Canfor Pulp is the largest North American and fourth largest global producer of market NBSK Pulp (“Northern bleached softwood kraft”, the paper industry's benchmark grade of pulp).
Acadian Timber Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
 Subheadings present
 Does not use any colours
 Detailed description of how the company has performed
 Detailed description of key figures such as Sales, and percentage increases of product prices and sale volumes
 Briefly describes future goals
 Briefly talks about the environmental...

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