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I contacted You Care Habilitation Services for this assignment. I spoke with a program cordinator and her name is Leah Gaskins by phone. I found this agency on the state Developmental Disabilities website for providers.
a. Describe your company.
This is a health agency institution designed to assist people with disabilities. The major aim of this agency is to help the disabled individuals learn how to be self- reliant. Individuals will have direct supervision. Types of services to be delivered are general nursing care, medication, and transportation.

1. What business are you in? Home Health Care
2. How many employees do you have? 10 employees
3. What is the company mission and values? The establishment to be stated is an agency that aims to provide health care services to persons with disabilities. The agency will seek to admit persons with various developmental disabilities. The individuals will be assisted to learn various mechanisms of being self reliant while at the same time being provide with the required care.
4. What is the company strategy for the next three years? To open up another residential house for prospective individuals.
5. What is the HR strategy for the next three years? To hire aleast 5 more full time employees.
b. Describe who you hire.
We hire people that have a background in working with people with developmental disabilities. The succesful canidate will have aleast 1-2 years working with the DD population and be current on First Aid and CPR and have an acceptable background check report from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

1. Position descriptions, requirements for the position, and the number of employees currently in those positions. Note: Collect information on at least three positions.

Transportation Driver- 1 Full time employee/ 1 Part time employee- The transportation driver is responsible for transporting Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory members to and from their scheduled medical appointments, school, work, and home. Transportation drivers must be able to pass the BCI/FBI background check and have an acceptable driving history which will be checked.

Direct Care Providers- 3 full time employees/ 2 part time employees- Direct Care Providers are responsible for providing direct training to assigned consumer. They assists individuals with job skills and every day living skills. The succesful canidate will have aleast 1-2 years working...

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