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Yellow Journalism In The 20th Century: Hearst’s And Pulitzer’s Articles On The Sinking Of The U.S.S. Maine

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Yellow journalism is a type of journalism that focuses on writing pretty much anything in an effort to make big sales instead of writing from an impartial standpoint. It wasn’t until the final days leading up to the Spanish-American War that yellow journalism reared its ugly head. The idea of yellow journalism started with a comic strip printed by Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, in which there was a little yellow man nicknamed “The Yellow Boy”. William Randolph Hearst, owner of the New York Journal, hired out the cartoonist who designed the “Yellow Boy” comic strip, thus causing hostility between the two owners and their newspapers. They were always at competition with each other when it ...view middle of the document...

When America heard this, the country was thrown into a furious rage. This turned the hostile attitudes of Americans towards Spain into rage, with the people demanding that war be declared on Spain. The national cry at that became “Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain!” The two newspapers mainly responsible for this were the New York World and the New York Journal, owned by Joseph Pulitzer and William Hearst, respectively. Their yellow journalism tactics, despite the official reports on what happened, made the event even more dramatic, and spurred America into a war that was fought unnecessarily.
Pulitzer and Hearst were two newspaper owners who, because of their disregard for responsible journalism, are commonly credited with leading America in the Spanish-American War. The men two men were constantly competing with each other when it came to writing their newspapers. The World and the Journal relied on sensationalist headlines to sell newspapers, and both were more that eager when this incident occurred. Hearst came to the realization earlier in the Cuban conflict that the war with Cuba would not only sell his papers, but also move him into a position of national prominence as well. From the beginning, Hearst’s reporters wrote stories designed to tug at the heartstrings of Americans by writing horrific tales describing the situation in Cuba. When the...

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