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Rayona and her mother Christine grew up in different worlds but they are very similar in many ways. Christine faced various problems as a young child that are now being passed down to Rayona and she is now seeing how they are being affected by them. The novel “A Yellow Raft in Blue Water” walks us through Rayona’s coming of age story and the three perspectives that it is being told in, Rayona’s, Christine’s, and Ida’s. Although Rayona and Christine are very different, they both seem to be facing similar problems; they end up helping one another find their self identity and both are finally able to appreciate and understand one another.
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Once I read Christine’s side of the story her actions then seemed understandable and that made me have another perspective about her. I also believe that Christine doesn’t know how to translate her feelings into her actions. This is one of the main reasons why I think they both don’t understand each other, since Rayona seems to judge people by the actions they take without taking into consideration their situation. Christine also went through a series of stages as she went from her child hood to now being a mother. She first was very courageous and brave as a child, and was popular when she was in school unlike Rayona is. As she grew she became very religious and her final stage was when she became rebellious and reckless. Christine never really made a complete transition of her living her crazy life to her becoming a mother, and that causes her to not be able to be the mother she should be to Rayona. She makes very irresponsible actions that mothers shouldn’t do, like taking Rayona to bars with her since she couldn’t find a babysitter. When Rayona turns fifteen Christine finds out in...

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