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Many years have passed since parents in the United States have won the right to home-school their children in all the fifty states. In August 2013, a report released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) showed that approximately 1,770,000 students were homeschooled in the United States in 2012, up from 1.5 million reported in 2007. This number represents 3.4% of the whole school-age population (U.S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION). However, are those 1,770,000 homeschoolers well socialized?. Although critics of homeschooling believe that homeschoolers lack of social skills, closer examinations have shown otherwise. Homeschoolers are well socialized because they are not affected by peer pressure or bullying, and because homeschoolers spent more time with different people in a variety of situations in a major percent than regular students.
Homeschoolers are well socialized because they grow up without the social pressure that school life can bring. Everyday children are challenged academically and socially by their peers at school. Many of them are extremely harassed or bullied. The social phenomenon called bullying has been loudly sounding for years. Thousands of children have suffered of bullying at school and most of them have ended traumatized by their peers. A bullied child could become a social misfit, a murderer, or he or she could end committing suicide. A recent study concluded that “bullies and bully/victims are generally at greatest of risk of being involved in violence, engaging in multiple types of substance use, and having academic problems” (Bradshaw, Catherine P.).
Homeschoolers do not suffer of bullying at home, they learn in a environment of love by being surrounded by their parents and siblings. They are free to express themselves, they are free to release their creativity and curiosity, they do not feel the social pressure that other kids feel at school. The fact of growing up in this kind of environment without social traumas allow homeschoolers to become in well socialized adults. A writer, documentary filmmaker, and homeschooled adult, Astra Taylor, recalls her and their three siblings childhood, “we created our own standards of excellence, which were often impossible to meet. Yet failure in intellectual and creative pursuits felt honorable as opposed to humiliating” ("School's out forever.").
Certainly, not all homeschoolers have the same experience and probably critics can argue that parents choose homeschooling to protect their children from the “real world”. Above anecdotal testimony, studies demonstrate that homeschool children tend to be better socialized that schooled students.
The Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance pointed out a blind study conducted by Dr. Larry Shyers in 1992 to prove this statement.
The study compared the behavior of two groups of seventy children from ages of eight to ten. One group was homeschooled and the other group was drawn from public and private schools. Children behaviors were...

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