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"Yes" To Keeping The Constitutional Monarchy In Canada.

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Canada is presently a constitutional monarchy, which is lead by the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Her official title is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. However, she is simply referred to as "The Queen". Some people argue that constitutional monarchy has a negative effect on our country, and we should apply for constitutional amendment. Meanwhile, others disagree, stating that we have a good system, we should stick with it, and I agree with that.The constitutional monarchy is here to help Canada and the other countries under the Commonwealth as well. The Queen is named Head of State in Canada. However, she does not act on it politically, except in the UK, nor does she commonly perform ceremonial duties, except on occasions of significant historical or political importance. This is why she resides in England and not Canada or any other nation. The day-to-day political and ceremonial does not usually act as political Head of State except in the UK, nor does she commonly perform ceremonial duties, except on occasions of significant historical or political importance. Meanwhile, the Governor General performs the day-to-day political and ceremonial duties. This person acts as the Queen's representative. However, they are not picked by the Queen herself, chosen by the Prime Minister who then appoints this person to Her. The Queen does not act on her own political views, but on what the country's leader tells her. Such a case was when former Prime Minister Mulroney advised her to expand the number of seats in the Senate for the passage of GST. Mulroney, himself was held accountable for his actions, not the Queen.Canada in itself is a sovereign state. The monarchy does not hold any legislative power over any but itself. Therefore, Canada is free to make its own decisions. Being part of the Commonwealth is advantageous because it helps to strengthen the relationships with other nations such as Australia and Grenada. The identity of the sovereign is determined solely by the conditions set out in the Act of Settlement. This means that every nation part of the Commonwealth, which includes Canada means that they are considered equal to Britain, not subordinate. If Canada ever went to war, or was attacked, we would have the military support from Britain and other countries belonging to the Commonwealth Realms and NATO. It is said that our navy, is the Queen's navy, thus on all...

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