Yesterday’s Hopes Live On In The Future Today

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If it were not for people struggling for equality, the present may still reflect the past hardships of those in pain. Women’s rights, for instance, was a major changing point for women as they sought for the same rights as men. The fight for women to vote changed not only the voting system, but the government, economy, future actions of the country, and various other factors as well. Women finally were able to have a deciding choice on who was in government office. This lead to other movements for women such as property rights where women gained the right to own and sell their own land. Another struggle, racism, has also affected society and the minds of the future. In the past, black and white discriminations, for example, caused countless people’s minds to become clouded; the two races thinking of themselves as not equal in any way. The black community was seen as less than human and treated as such. They were not allowed in the same school, on the same bus, or to live in the same luxuries as a white person. Seeing these tragic events, thousands, such as Martin Luther King Jr. in his “I have a dream” speech, have stood up against discrimination and have spoken out that we are all human under the same rights as any man. Luckily, thanks to these protests, the children of the present and future can play together and eat together despite race, as our ancestors hoped. Without the sacrifices of the past generations to create a better future, such a thing would have never happened. For that, this generation is truly grateful.
A second major factor in the formation of the present is the fact that there have been countless issues in the government that have shaped the way society has become. Although not always for the better, the government has been a driving force in countless lives. From the famed forefathers of our nation to the ruling monarchs, each decision made by those in power and wealth changed lives. For instance, the corruptions of France’s government lead to several kings and queens, each of which ruled in their own ways. King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette caused most of the lower classes to despise their rule because of the poor living conditions and economy caused by the careless spending of the government. This shows how a corrupted government can cause the destruction of a society but it also shows how people can learn from their mistakes in the future....

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