One More Accomplishment: A Masters Degree In Entrepreneurship

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If I could accomplish one more thing, I would pursue my Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, before the age of 23. There are many setbacks in college, and why most people don’t finish it, although, I will not let that get in my way; how I’m going to complete it will be difficult, and nothing is holding me back. There are many reasons why I want to get an Entrepreneurship Degree; I have been around Entrepreneur’s my whole life, and I have learned a lot from them, triumphs and mistakes. When I receive my Masters Degree there are several different things that I would have to do thereafter, for example, finding busy intersections, speaking, and getting to know important people in that area, and, of course, finding out lease information in the different chosen properties. The process of getting my Masters Degree will be difficult, but I cannot let anything minor, or difficult struggles, get in the way of that.
I believe that that first step at achieving something would be, not giving up in the process, no matter how long, hard, and tiring it is. Secondly, I’d continue school, not letting work, college parties, family, friends, or boyfriend issues etc. get in the way of that. Thirdly, to get a Master’s Degree it requires a lot of credits; therefore, I need to keep my grades up, maintaining a minimum of a 3.0 GPA or higher, nonetheless, I wont have to repeat any of the classes wasting my time or my professor’s. Fourthly, Salon Business Seminars help out a lot, providing information, and how to’s for entrepreneurs, managers, and hair stylist’s; while I’m in college I can attend these seminar’s so that when I do receive my Degree I will already know so much on salon’s, and how to manage them. Being around my parents, Entrepreneurs, has had a great affect on me, and will greatly help me out in the future.
If I weren’t around Entrepreneur’s my whole life I most likely wouldn’t want to be one today. My mother, and father, my role models, has always had there businesses, my mother’s name is on the front door of her business, and my dad’s at the bottom of his business card; this is what I want to have in the future, my name, on my door, of my business, and at the bottom, of my business card. Being around my parents, daily at...

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