Yhe Many Faces Of Wang Lung In The Book "The Good Earth" By Pearl S. Buck

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Pearl S. Buck shows her readers the many faces of Wang Lung in her book, The Good Earth.Wang Lung is a rice farmer who gains all his wealth through the land. He struggles to move frompoverty to a well respected wealthy man. Wang Lungs character portrays a man's unselfishness,determination, and loyalty towards his family and friends.Wang Lung's caring and generous nature towards his family and friends make him a well-liked person. During the drought Wang Lung feeds the family members first and leaves what littleis left for himself. Though it is hard, Wang Lung manages to survive the drought. He feeds thefamily small portions of rice which are left over from the season. When the food runs out and thefurniture and equipment are sold, Wang Lung decides to make a harsh decision. He decides to lockup and move south. There he hopes to find food and money for his family. After a 100 mile trainride, they end up in the south. Wang Lung is delighted to find rice for only a penny. While WangLung uses the ricksha to make money for rice, the family eats and begins to regain strength. Whenall is well, Wang Lung returns home to start his life all over.Also during the drought Wang Lung spares food and money for his uncle, uncles's wifeand their son. The uncle is a poor old gambler who would rather gamble his money away than tospend it on his family. During the drought he shows up in Wang Lung's fields begging for money.At first Wang Lung refuses to dish out money to his uncle. After a time of arguementing WangLung finally gives in. He states ' 'It is cutting my flesh out to give to him and for nothing exceptthat we are of a blood' '.(46) Wang Lung is upset that he had to give money to his uncle. WangLung didn't have to give to his uncle, but by doing so he kept peace with his him.Wang Lung's persistence to succeed carries him to a higher level in life. With such anattitude he is determined to regain his wealth after the drought. On the way home from downsouth, Wang Lung used the gold he had taken from the man in the Great House to buy things forthe land. He...

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1880 words - 8 pages fullness of personality that personalities could leap from the pages. If anyone has ever wondered about what the culture in China is like, then reading The Good Earth is undoubtedly a novel that assists in painting a vivid picture of China and its people in an individual’s mind. One of the main characters in the novel is Wang Lung. He is a farmer whose primary concern is cultivating his land and acquiring more of it. This land produced rich

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1248 words - 5 pages another family". After O-lan delivers her first daughter, in the novel The Good Earth, she says to her husband Wang Lung, "It is only a slave this time - not worth mentioning" (Buck 65). Sometimes daughters were sold as servants or prostitutes, or even killed in order to give sons a better chance for survival in times of stress or prolonged famine. During a time of great famine, O-lan, wishing to do what is best for husband, suggests selling their

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1448 words - 6 pages “‘If you sell the land, it is the end.’” (360). There is absolute truth in these words, if one was in rural, turn-of-the-century China. These wise words, quoted by the main character Wang Lung, come from Pearl S. Buck’s enlightening historical fiction, The Good Earth. In the story, Wang Lung, a poor young farmer, marries a slave of the powerful Hwang family, O-lan. Together, they face hardships and triumphs, prosperity and famine, along with the

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2099 words - 8 pages going strong with her writing career, Buck wrote an autobiography, My Several Worlds. Unfortunately, Buck’s publishing advisor Ted Harris was accused by the Chinese media of taking donated gifts from the children helped by the Pearl S Buck Foundation and “behaving suggestively” (Conn, 104) with some of the females. In order to scale down the media efforts, Buck, now aged 77, went into seclusion in Vermont with Harris. Many considered this

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2902 words - 12 pages Pearl S. Buck - A Modern Day Hero Introduction A friend of mine gave me a copy of The Good Earth as a birthday gift. Until then, I had never heard of the literary masterpiece or the author, Pearl S. Buck. The story captivated me. I found myself engrossed in the story of the poor farmer Wang Lung whose love for his land allowed him to overcome many odds including famine, flood and a revolution. Through hard work and dedication, Wang Lung became

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663 words - 3 pages poison that ruined many good people and made the evil people worse and they didn’t stop until Kino’s life was destoryed. Another way the impact of money is illustrated was in Pearl S. Buck’s, The Good Earth. This author clearly illustrated how much Wang Lung and his family depended on the earth and if the earth did not grow crops, they would die of hunger. Furthermore, Wang Lung and his family desperately depend on the earth to live and

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1946 words - 8 pages seemed to change some of the symbolism the Buck used. The book was much better then the movie and the movie did not do the book justice.The Characters O-Lan and Wang Lung were changed theThe 1937 movie to which Chin's character objected did not feature any Chinese actors, but appeared to speak for China. Many in 1930s China objected to its unromantic description of village life and its inclusion of sex.Still, the book, movie, and Broadway show made

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878 words - 4 pages The Good Earth, made in 1937, was an interesting portrayal of life in China during these times. Although I think it is a great movie for this era, I had a hard time relating to the film. The advancements in film have made it hard to go back to older movies; things like digital effects and color have really made older movies seem like ancient history. The characters seemed over dramatized and unrealistic. The plot did not stick to the book and

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2106 words - 8 pages satisfaction. Finally, Wang Lung realized that all of his dreams come back to one necessity…the land. “Out of the land we came and into it we must go, and if you will hold your land you can live, no one can rob you of your land”(Buck 357). Works Cited Buck, Pearl S. The Good Earth. New York: Washington Square Press, 1931. Conn, Peter. Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Biography. New York: Cambridge UP, 1996. Doyle, Paul A. Pearl S. Buck

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