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Yield To Maturity Essay

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Interest is a charge for borrowing money, usually stated as a percentage of the amount borrowed over a specific period of time. Simple interest is computed only on the original amount borrowed. It is the return on that principal for one time period. In contrast, compound interest is calculated each period on the original amount borrowed plus all unpaid interest accumulated to date. Compound interest is always assumed in TVM problems.Yield to MaturityNew investors in the stock market should become familiar with the terminology used. Learning key words and phrases will make transactions easier to understand. There are key words and phrases that pertain to stocks and bonds separately. This paper will explain the concept of yield to maturity.Yield to maturity (YTM) is the rate of return to the investor earned from payments of principal and interest, with interest compounded semi-annually at the stated yield, presuming that the security remains outstanding until the maturity date. Yield to maturity takes into account the amount of the premium or discount at the time of purchase, if any, and the time value of the investment.Nearly all bonds are denominated in $1,000 face amounts and the investor pays a percentage of that face. If the investor buys a bond at 80 he or she will pay $800 for every $1,000 bond. If the investor buys a bond at 110 he or she will pay $1,100 for every $1,000 bond.A bond purchased at a discount to par, or face, value will have a YTM which is higher than the current yield. A...

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689 words - 3 pages earnings, which in return create changes in growth rate dividends.Questions:1.Look at the 9 1/8 % coupon bond. What is its current yield, its yield-to-first call, and its yield-to-maturity?Current Yield = Annual Coupon Interest / Price = 9.125 / $930 = 9.81%Yield-to-first call (7 years):PV = $930; FV = $1,044.375; N = 14 Yield-to-first call = 11.023%Yield to Maturity (26 years):PV = $930; FV = $1,000; Coupon = (9.125/2)1000 = 45.625; N = 52Yield

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1074 words - 4 pages . Nike's accounting based book values capital structure has a 27.06% of debt and a 72.94% of equity.Cost of DebtThe best way to calculate cost of debt is to use yield to maturity method, which the data provided in exhibit 4. Nike can borrow at an interest rate of 7.13% and its marginal federal-plus-state tax rate is 38%. It's after tax cost of debt will be 4.42%.Cost of EquityTo calculate cost of equity I will be using the capital asset pricing model

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1776 words - 7 pages maturity. Yield to maturity is a yield that equates the present value of all the cash flows from a bond to the price of a bond. When the price is given the YTM can be calculated. A rise I the YTM will cause the price calculated to decrease, while a fall in the YTM will cause the price to rise. This concludes that that all of the coupons can be reinvested at the same rate. The actual return generated by a bond held until maturity on the future

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1684 words - 7 pages -Mart issues common stocks, employee stocks, and the offers a company share repurchasing program. In 2008, Wal-Mart paid $0.88 in dividends per share, which represents a 31.3% increase over 2007. (walmartstore, 2008). According Wal-Mart's financial statement, the total long-term debt for the company in 2008 was $33,402 million and $30,735 million in 2007.Long term debt and yield to maturity(Amounts in Millions)Interest RateDue by

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2298 words - 9 pages Words, 2014). When a bond is said to have a par value of $1,000 it is the value paid at time of maturity at the end of the bond term usually paid as a ballon payment. Its par value is the same as its face value or principal. The coupon rate is the rate of interest documented on the bond to be paid to the bearer of the bond commonly refered to as the “coupon yield” (Parker, 2014). The coupon rate is calculated by dividing the coupon value of $100

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1297 words - 5 pages capital is measured on an after-tax basis.Investors will only invest money if they expect to earn enough to compensate them for:* The risk they are taking by making the investment,* Current capital market conditions such as inflation.Cost of Capital for Nike, Inc.Step in calculating cost of capital:1. The After-Tax Cost of Debt (kd)* The pretax cost of debt is equal to the the yield-to-maturity on the firm's debt adjusted for flotation costs

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3000 words - 12 pages mungbean to the agro-climatic conditions of NWFP (MINFAL, 2006). The average yield of mungbean is low due to its indeterminate growth habit, late and non-synchronous maturity, lodging, pod shattering and severe losses due to insect pests (Fernandez and Shanmugasundaram, 1988). Diversifying the limited genetic variability for traits of interest and developing new mungbean cultivars are demand of the era. In order to increase yield per hectare, new

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739 words - 3 pages changing interest rate. Credit rating • A bond's credit rating indicates its credit quality and is based on the issuer's financial ability to make regular interest payments and repay the loan in full at maturity. • The higher the rating, the lesser the risk, the lower the yield of the bond Capital Tier • Represents the seniority of claims in the case of a default event. Risk Factors Interest rate risk is refers to the potential loss in the bond value

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1176 words - 5 pages Issuer of a Government dated security may be: • Central Government • State Governments. Issuance of both the Central and State government dated securities are being done through auctions. The Central government dated securities are issued on basis of a half yearly calendar which specifies the amount of the security to be auctioned, the auction period and the maturity period of these dated securities. These details are announced through

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1297 words - 6 pages with current yields from 0.50% to 3.52%. Meaning that these yields increase with maturity, giving a greater return.
For example, The UK Gilt 5 Year Yield has a current yield of 1.64% compared to a year ago of 0.77%. When Bond prices fall but yields increase, there is an inverse relationship. This can lead to potential losses which has been seen within 12 months.
(Heath,A.2013) comments that “The great bond market crash is

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906 words - 4 pages help predict what the future will hold for a certain security. The yield curve has three different shapes; upward sloping, downward sloping, and a humped yield curve. The shape of the upward sloping is also referred to as the normal yield curve's because in the past long term rates seem to be above short term rates because of the maturity risk premium. The downward slope is referred to as the inverted or abnormal yield curve. A humped yield