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Yin And Yang Essay

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My entire artwork is done in a more-or-less “cartoonish” way. Partly this is because I wanted to retain the artistic style of Arnold from Sherman Alexie’s novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and partly because I regard drawing cartoons very highly. Drawing cartoons is usually associated with setting a light and humorous tone. For me, cartoons display a form of creative expression that lets me bring out my feelings, something I can’t seem to do with an oil painting or a watercolor. While many view cartoons as an amateur and inferior branch of art, I favor cartoons as one of art’s highest forms.
The left side of my artwork shows a monochrome figure with a heart labeled ...view middle of the document...

Besides playing one of my favorite instruments, the flute, I also play piano, saxophone, and violin. In my eyes, I see being able to play musical instruments as one of the greatest joys of my life. The hands of my inner self hold a star, a symbol I perceive as my dreams. Only when I cherish and embrace my star can I fulfill these dreams.
So far, many of my qualities include my appreciation for good music. My outside ears are no different. Whenever I have a chance, I always put on music to relax myself. Living without music to listen to would be the same as living without any joy and happiness. On the left side, my inside identity, I often listen to news of the world. I believe that only by listening to the news can I connect to the rest of the world, and only by connecting to the rest of the world can I be a successful member of society.
Onto the bottom portion of my artwork, there is a circular platform I stand on, labeled “optimism.” My other traits are all divided between my external self and internal self, but my two self-portrayals both stand on optimism. In all the things I do, I am always optimistic as being so is one of my most important beliefs about life. If anyone approaches life without hopefulness and self-confidence, to me, that person just wastes our world’s resources.
No artwork is ever complete without a background, and much of my artwork is filled with background. The many phrases near the top of my artwork such as "Good Job!" show my surroundings, filled with numerous compliments and other derogatory words as well. In my life, I feel as though I live in a place where the most diverse kinds of people are around me, all saying different things. Some make me feel bright while others simply ruin a perfectly fine day. Also in the background are two distinct outlines of the People's Republic of China and the United States. I grew up in China, and so my inside self feels nostalgic, in a way, for my old home. My inner mind and thinking is very "Chinese" as well. On the outside, I feel as if I have integrated into the society of the U. S., and many of my habits and actions are very American. Despite the fact that crossing two worlds is a valuable trait to have, it also poses a difficulty to me as I feel that I am stuck in between these two countries with no bold attachment to either one.
Beside the two heads of me, I have written two quotes. The one on the left shows Arnold’s narration regarding his grandmother who dies from a drunk driver, “But my grandmother wanted us to forgive her murderer” (157). While Arnold's entire family is infuriated at the loss of Arnold's grandmother she chooses to show forgiveness. My inside self is very forgiving as well. Sometimes I might appear to be angry on the outside, but I always forgive everything in the long run. My right side sports another quote. When Arnold finds out the Gordy the class genius is as tough as his friend Rowdy, he narrates, “In his own way, Gordy...

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