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Chapter 13 section 3:
Complete this statement regarding the basic problems of the inner city: Inner cities in the US contain concentrations of low income people with a variety of physical, social and economic problems very different from those faced by suburban residents
● INNER CITY PHYSICAL PROBLEMS 2. What is the major problem faced by inner­city residents? The poor condition of housing. 3a. Describe the inner­city process known as filtering.
Large houses built by wealthy families in the 19th century are subdivided by absentee landlords into smaller dwellings for low­income families. 3b. What is the ultimate result of this process?
Landlords stop maintaining houses when the rent they collect becomes less than the maintenance cost. As the building deteriorates, it grows unfit for occupancy and the owner may abandon the property. 4. What is redlining and its result?
Drawing lines on a map to identify areas in which they will refuse to loan money. As a result, families who try to fix up houses in the area have difficulty borrowing money 5. What is urban renewal?
A program in which cities identify blighted inner city neighborhoods, acquire the properties from private owners, relocate the residents and businesses, clear the sites, build new roads and utilities, and turn the land over to private developers. 6. Complete the box below regarding public housing.
Public housing accounts for 1% of all housing in the US Public housing accounts for 5% of housing in inner cities Why are the high­rise public housing projects from the 1950s and 1960s considered unsatisfactory today?Because the elevators are frequently broken, juveniles terrorize other people in the hallways, and drug use and crime rates are high. How different are recent public housing projects and "scattered site" public housing of today different?

The US has stopped funding new public housing. The federal program Hope VI supports renovation of older public housing, and the Housing Choice Voucher program helps low­income households to pay their rent in private housing. The British expanded subsidies to non­profit housing associations that build housing for groups with special needs. 7. Why has urban renewal been criticized?
Traditional urban renewal has been criticized for for eliminating affordable housing and eating into property taxes that would otherwise go for schools, fire, police, and other essential services. 8a. Define gentrification: The process by which middle­class people move to deteriorated inner­city neighborhoods and renovate the housing 8b. Who is attracted to move into gentrified areas? Why? Middle­class families because the houses may be larger. 8c. Why has gentrification been criticized? It eliminates the strain of commuting on crowded freeways or public transit 9. Complete the statement regarding the population of the inner city.
Inner city residents frequently are referred to as a permanent underclass because they are...

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