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Yoga And The Community Habilitation Center

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For the past few months I began practicing yoga and visiting the individuals at the Community Habilitation Center. Even though the amount of time I have spent practicing yoga and visiting CHC has been short, I feel as though my experiences have been transforming me into a better person. The connection I see between yoga and CHC is that both have helped and taught me to be a better person in many ways. Both of the experiences has helped me lighten my mood, see the state of the body better, taught me to see the world positively, and it has also helped me gain confidence. My experiences with practicing yoga and going to CHC have been a positive influence in my life.

Yoga and CHC has affected me in the sense that they have both helped me lighten my mood and relax for once. In a way they have both helped me shut off the outside world and focus on the now in the sense that it makes me forget about my daily problems and stresses and allows me to go to a happy place. Some of my peers have told me it is because they serve as distractions from the real world, but I doubt it really works that way. I believe that they help me shut off my mind in reality, because both experiences make me feel so occupied with what I am doing at the moment that by the time I am finished, my mind is left with a blank slate and would end up feeling so refreshed since I don’t have anything to ponder over for once. The movie Praying with Lior, shows how Lior was able to disconnect himself from the world around him and focus on the present and his connection with God. I was able to relate to this because of how I feel disconnected from the world when I am practicing yoga and as I spend time with the individuals at CHC.

One thing that I know for sure is that both experiences open my eyes more to the state of the body. Being at CHC tends to remind me sometimes how weak and vulnerable the human body might be. Which sometimes gets me thinking that the body may be affected by many different factors. Some factors may happen at birth, or even from before one’s birth that might occur while one is in their mother’s womb. In the movie My left foot, it illustrates how Christy Brown overcame the challenges of his cerebral palsy and learned to use his only controlled foot to eventually become a writer and an artist. Through these individuals I learned that they do not dwell on their weakness, but learn to overcome them. Matthew Sanford states that after becoming paralyzed at the age of thirteen, yoga had helped him reconnect with his whole body through the mind and body connection yoga helps you achieve. He had also overcame his disabilities with the help of yoga. Yoga helps me realize how weak I really am at the moment. The reason is because I was always pretty flexible as a child, and remained rather flexible as I grew. But yoga truly proved to be a challenge for me. Even with the flexibility I already have, I still work up a sweat and end up sore the next day from all the twists...

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