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"You Are Alfieri, Write Your Thoughts About Marco And Eddie Between Pages 77 80 And 83 85" 'a View From The Bridge'

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During my interview of Marco at the police station I found that things had changed since Eddie had first come to see me. Apart from the fact that the were mixed emotions towards his actions that evening I found that Catherine had seemed to disown him. She said 'To hell with Eddie!' which shocked and saddened me; to find that for all the love and protection he had given her, she seemed not thankful for any of it. Marco's stubbornness to his cause - that old Italian trait of honour and revenge. We nearly couldn't persuade him that all we needed to get him out of there was his promise. I asked him several times and Catherine tried to explain the system, but he would not understand that the only law was that of the book - there were no unwritten laws of honour and family. Being a lawyer, I noticed his hesitation before he gave his word, I knew he was an honourable man, but I knew that something was going to happen anyway - he was so enraged. It was like when Eddie came to see me originally, I found that I knew he would report his cousins, no matter what. His love for Catherine, whether conscious or subconscious, would overpower his old-fashioned beliefs for loyalty to the family. Then Marco did what I knew he would, but I was powerless to stop it.As Marco called Eddie's name I knew that something was going to happen and it wasn't going to...

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1461 words - 6 pages weeks later, catherine and rodolpho come home from a cinema together. They are in love. Eddie becomes hostile towards rodolpho. beatrice jokes that eddie must be jealous of him. She hopes the young ones will marry. Beatrice talks to eddie about their own relationship. Catherine gets home only to talk to eddie about how rodolpho is using her to gain citizenship. Catherine admits to beatrice that she loves rodolpho. 1e. eddie visits Alfieri to

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1359 words - 5 pages A View from the Bridge is a dramatic tragedy, which follows the life of a dockworker, Eddie Carbone, in 1950s America who is the main focus of the play. He represents the average, everyday man in society, but his character draws parallels to many tragic heroes in the past shown in Greek tragedies, Shakespeare’s plays, etc. (e.g. Hamlet and Macbeth). A tragic hero is the hero in the story who has positive and negative traits and their negative

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1242 words - 5 pages immigration bureau. I think that “A view from the bridge” is a tragedy because of eddies extreme downfall, he dies because of one mistake. Throughout the play Eddie is jealous of Catherine because she is not his little girl anymore she is turning into a woman. Eddie is an Italian longshore man working on the New York docks. When eddies wife’s cousins, Marco and Rodolfo seek refuge, as illegal immigrants from Sicily

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810 words - 3 pages turns into an obsession. At the end of Act One all five characters are in the living room, sharing a cosy after dinner chat. At this point of “A View From The Bridge” Eddie is feeling intensely jealous of Rodolfo and he doesn’t really understand why. He talks to Alfieri about it, yet Alfieri seems to immediately understand what is going on and just before this scene hints at the bloody outcome of this tale. Marco, too, recognizes Eddie’s

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4704 words - 19 pages . This is important to the audience, and our understanding of the play. The title of the play can have two possible meanings. 'Bridge' may mean that Alfieri is providing us with a view from on top of 'Brooklyn Bridge'. However 'Bridge' can also mean the bridge between the Italians and Americans. For example, Marco and Eddie. Marco being the Italian immigrant, and Eddie being the so-called, loyal American citizen. As the

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1473 words - 6 pages To what extent is Eddie Carbone a tragic hero in the play “a view from the bridge” In the play the view from the bridge, Arthur Miller portrays Eddie Carbone’s character as a Tragic Hero through the features of a tragic hero, through Hamartia, Anagnorisis, Peripeteia, Hubris, Towering personality, Empathy, and his inevitable death. These are all features of a tragic hero that Aristotle self established. It is evident in the play of Eddie’s

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