You Are Leila In The Supper Room, Taking A Break. Write Your Thoughts.

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Oh how I yearn to sit upon a cushioned chair to rest my tired, pink satin feet. Part of me wishes to lie sprawled across the gleaming floor, and gaze at the ceiling embedded with round golden lights, much like the glittering stars in the night sky. The remaining part wishes to cram as many passion fruit ices into my mouth to cool my crimson cheeks.
I must say, watching the men and women in the supper room nearly as entertaining as dancing! The women hooking a bejewelled finger through their pearl necklaces and throwing their head back to laugh soft peals at the men’s jokes and the men, playfully rolling the tip of their cigars around emerald green ashtrays with one hand and with the other, swirling amber whiskey that sparkles in its crystal cut glass. The light that shines through the whiskey glass, which is thrown about the room and the layer of cigar smoke and musk clashing all, adds together to give the room a mysterious charm. A lady in the corner of the room is gently patting the air with her fan, causing her chandelier earrings to jive and the faint wind to jostle her locks of hair, obviously fishing for partners. This reminds me of sitting on the veranda, watching bees pollinate flowers, with the bee ladies flitting furiously about the room, and resting every once in a while on a dashing flower to have a gossip.
Will I ever blend in to become one of these outrageously elegant ladies? I have spent most of my life feeding slop to pigs and milking cows, these women have spent their lives attending finishing schools and wearing modern dresses. Everywhere I go, I am completely out of place. I feel like a dandelion weed in a bouquet of canna lilies. Earlier in the ladies room, there were beauty accessories laid neatly across a regal dressing table. While all the women were busy preening themselves for the men to gawk at them, I was at a complete loss. All I could help thinking was how much they looked suspiciously like...

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