You Are Never To Old To Live Your Dream

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According to the online article titled “Going To College At 63: 'You're Never Too Old To Live Your Dream'” Ms. Natale is not too old to complete her degree. In this article a woman tells her life story about hardships that she endured throughout her life that was a big result as to why she wasn’t able to finish high school or attend college at the age she should have done so. The woman states in the article that, and I paraphrase “you’re never too old to go back to school as long as you have breath in your body.” In class we watched a documentary titled Over 90 and loving it and a score of people that ranged from the age of 90 to over 100 years old were being interviewed. There was one woman who was over 90 years old and she was still working. She was able to drive a car and drive herself to work and operate as someone 60 years her junior. Another woman on the documentary went back to college to get her degree as well. Another article on the website talks about a 70 year old woman who went back to college to get her bachelor’s degree and graduated at the top of her class with a 3.95 GPA. Even in the previous article that was stated earlier in this paragraph about the 63 old woman going back to school; she too made the dean’s list every semester until graduation. According to the website, they stated that according to the National Student Clearinghouse; 38 percent of students enrolled between the fall 2009 and 2011 period were over the age of 25 years old. I stated all these things to bring forth why I believe Ms. Natale is not too old to complete her degree. She has the mind to do it, she should go for it.
I cannot know why a person in their later years of life would want to go back to school. From several discussions we have had in class and not only that but from video’s that we have watched we’ve been able to come up with some type of understanding concerning why. According to an article titled “Why did you decide to go back to school” on; a 70 year old man named Guest Fernanda states: “I believe that studying is the best way to keep busy, mostly if we really enjoy what we are doing”. The key words in this statement are “keep busy”. This is one of the best answers to the question on why Ms. Natale may want to go back to school. Similar to what we discussed in class, this may be a part of a goal she has set for herself. We could see why Ms. Natale would want to keep busy after all. She is a widow for one, she doesn’t have a companion to take care of anymore and if she had children they most likely are all grown up by this time and have moved far away we can assume. She is lonely and probably retired. We can assume she’s looking for that next thing in life or a new experience. According to our text Aging: Concepts and Controversies 7th Edition pg 44, successful aging is summed up in two words; “aging well”. The question is how Ms. Natale completing her degree at her age...

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