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While all the other children are in school learning, and being; for the most part, obedient and civil youngsters , the seven dropouts “being cool” at the golden shovel in the story “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks do not realize the amount of damage their doing to their futures by living the lifestyles they do. The work is a condensed yet concise statement on the recklessness of youth who are like cars without brakes in the frenzy of youth. They do not anticipate an accident awaiting them in their uncontrolled life. They do whatever they perceive to be “real cool,” (1) and this nonchalant uncaring way is the latest “in” thing to do. As they take pride in declaring that they had left school and they “lurk late” (3). Throughout the poem the speakers show a level of academic delinquency that amplifies the underlying depth of Brooks work through the use of connotative language, tone, and form.
Throughout the poem Brook’s tone centers on the speaker’s rebellion and wasteful ways. Their temporarily happy with the decisions they’ve made but again don’t realize that these choices will ultimately hinder what type of life they will later lead. Additionally, the tone of the poem is upbeat and flamboyant until the last line “We die soon”, (8) which seems to carry the most weight with it in the story; it indicates brooks view that street people have a lower chance of being contributing members of society and therefore are more likely to deal in dangerous situations that will more than likely be the cause of a shortened life. Also, the quick paced style of the work resonates with the speaker’s carefree ways of living. They lead a hard and fast life living one day to the next without the slightest concern for tomorrow. Their getting no education, they have no direction in their lives, and they don’t really care about anything. Moreover, the speakers have no sense for themselves; consequently all the speakers’ bad decisions may eventually turn them into criminals, and Brooks tone echoes of all these things collectively.
Brook’s use of connotative language brings to light the negative outlook the speakers have on living within the social contract. The seven speakers are wild and unruly, they do not care for what laws or regulations are set upon them, they would not obey them regardless. The poem declares that they recently dropped out of school and therefore are not old enough to be doing any of the things there doing at the golden shovel such as “jazzing june,” (7) and “thinning gin,” (6); which could be taken to mean dancing and drinking, which isn’t all too terrible but still to adult for the speakers...

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