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You Booze, You Lose: How Drinking Affects College Students?

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Musudine Williams

Sociological Methods

November 30, 2011


You Booze, You Lose: How Drinking Affects the Grade Point Average of Students

At Howard University

The amount of alcohol consumption definitely has an effect on a student's GPA. A study presented found that, next to time spent studying outside the classroom, time spent drinking was the most reliable predictor of a student's grade point average. Todd Wyatt, a doctoral candidate at George Mason University, looked at how today's busy college students allocate their time between different activities. The research surveyed about 13,900 incoming freshman at 167 schools, and found that certain activities could reliably predict academic success. He performed the study along with his colleague Bill DeJong and presented it this week at the American College Personnel Association conference (The Daily Beast, Kristina Bell, 2009).

There is a direct relationship between heavy drinking and college student's GPA. The study's findings hold true even when narrowed to include only elite schools - big-name universities where students are famous for studying hard and partying hard. The researchers replicated the overall population investigation at specific schools where students have an above-average GPAs and also reported above-average alcohol consumption. The result: drinking affects these kids' grades, too. "These students might not be reaching their full potential as a result of the alcohol consumption," says Wyatt. "Their grades are high, but they could be even higher." But the researchers did see some differences when drinking was complemented by other activities. For instance, students who drank but also volunteered or did some other kind of extracurricular activity showed fewer negative consequences like skipping class, blowing off work, or failing assignments than classmates who spent time drinking but didn't participate in other outside activities.

Research question: What is the relationship between heavy drinking and a student's GPA?

Hypothesis: There is a direct relationship between heavy drinking and a student's GPA.

Analytical Model: Relationship between Drinking and Student's GPA

The research design that was used was the survey research design. A questionnaire was passed out to students on Howard University's campus. There are a few advantages of a survey research design is that this design is useful in describing the characteristics of a large population. Many questions can be asked about a given topic with a survey/questionnaire. Also, standardized questions make measurement more precise. There are also a few disadvantages of this research design. Such as researchers must ensure that a large number of the sample will reply. The survey questions have to be somewhat...

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