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"You Call This Dinner?" Is A Second Part To The Story "Coffee House" About Jordan And His Girlfriend.. But This Time Jordan's Best Friend Which Is A Girl Is Introduced Into The Story.

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You Call This Dinner?Oh summer time, good ‘ol summer time. It’s true, the best days of our lives growing up happen during summer. My best friend and I, Jordan, whom I grew up with ever since I was 3, always go on a road trip the first seven days of summer, starting the second we get out of school. It is never planned where to until the day we depart for a new journey, a new memory, and a wild adventure. This summer, our road trip is much needed, seeing that he has been so wrapped up in the whole “boyfriend girlfriend” scene, we don’t really get our, what we like to call “JLo” time (Jordan and Lauren time).After I got out of school I headed straight home so I could gather everything I needed for the next week with Jordan and some things to keep me occupied in the car instead of listening to him pretend he’s “gangster” and trying to rap, although it can be quite amusing at times. I’m in my garage with the garage door open, gathering bags, blankets, snacks, entertainment, and extra pillow and whatnot and I can hear Jordan from a block away screaming “WHOOOOO!” with his head half way out the window. He’s not too fond of school, so when it’s over, it’s an interesting scene.“Kieny! Ready for JLo time girl?” Jordan asked me with much exhilaration.“Is that a question? I look forward to our trip every year!” I replied with a sarcastic, snotty tone.I piled everything we needed for the week into the...

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