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No More Hunting Essay

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Historically we hunted for food and used animal hyde for human benefit. We have come along way since those days, we are able to cultivate our food and make clothing and other goods from synthetic and natural materials.The Native Americans ate wild animals and used each part and took only what they needed.The Natives didn’t shoot at everything in their path.

Over 40 million animals die for fur.Thousands of animals are killed and referred to as “trash animals” by fur industries. This includes birds,squirrels,reptiles,dogs,cats and sometimes even children getting caught in traps .It takes the following number of animals to make a 40inch coat: 16 coyote,18 lynx, 60 minks,45 opossom,20 otters,42 red foxes,40 racoons, 50 sables,8 seals,50 muskrat and 15 beavers not counting amount of trash animals killed. “No one in the world needs a mink coat but a mink.” -Murray Banks

I believe wild animals have a right to live and die die a natural death. Most persons no longer kill to eat, they do it in the name of sport. The following quote taken from Paul Rodriguez expresses my feeling exactly. “Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game.” What is amusing about placing a deer head as a trophy on your wall or in the lobby of a lodge. Is it not barbaric? It is not equal to a sports tropy that you win in a regular athletic sport. The innocent animal does not have a chance to prepare and is in a disadvantage with todays high powered and technologically advanced hunting gear.

An estimated $746 million dollars are paid by U.S hunters each year just for licences. This makes you wonder is this a sport for money for the government and rifle and ammunition manufacturers? 200 million animals die from hunting alone. Animals are killed in many cruel ways . Here are few, people stand on their chests to break...

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