You Can't Have Ice Cream Essay

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It’s a hot day, an unbearably hot day. You decide that the only thing that can cure the heat is something cool. You want something cold. You want ice cream. You spy an ice cream stand, and reach towards your pocket for your wallet. The corners of your mouth tug upwards at the feel of the cool metal against your hand—only for the smile to drop suddenly off your face as you gaze up then contents of your wallet. There is no money; there is only a slight amount of lint and a gift card for a massage. You don’t want a massage. You want ice cream. You are now suffering because you cannot afford to by ice cream. You suffer because you want to be cold, but you cannot afford an object that would make ...view middle of the document...

Until the Monk fully lets go of the Boy, the boat is unable to move, and the Monk suffers due to the fact that he knows what will happen to the Boy when he leaves, as well as the fact that he wants the Boy to stay with him. It is only when the Monk comes to terms with the fact that he needs to do as he told the boy, and physically let go of the things that he likes, that the boat is able to leave. With the Boy gone, the Monk acknowledges that his work is complete now that he has set the Boy on the path towards Monkhood, and ends up letting go of his own life in order to make room for the new master of the pagoda. This action is a demonstration of the Monk’s words to the Boy when he first returns—as he lets go of what he likes because other people like it too, even when the object is his own position in life.
The acting of letting go of things you like is once again demonstrated when the Boy becomes the master of the pagoda and a woman arrives to leave her son with the Boy. The woman clearly doesn’t want to leave the boy behind, as she is seen crying through the shawl wrapped around her face when...

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