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"You Cannot Change The Circumstances, The Seasons, Or The Wind But You Can Change Yourself. That Is Something You Have Charge Of."

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"You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of"Change can be defined as the metamorphosis of natural things or the process society goes through as it develops. In today's society, many people face change where it was either forced, natural or inevitable. Change isn't necessarily positive and can affect some people negatively. It truly is the catalyst for a huge spectrum of emotions from euphoria to lonely wretchedness. From this, there is a possibility of consequences when facing change and you have no degree of control to change the circumstances, seasons or the wind but you do have the potential to change yourself and that is something you have charge of.Majority of composers would prefer to create a text based on change. Proof to this theory, is that it allows the composer to transform their experience and thoughts of change into text by using a number of techniques. Famous texts based on change include the prescribed text "Save the Last Dance", "Sky High" and "The Door". The most common change being depicted in these texts is perspective. These texts convey the message that individuals have no degree of control to change the circumstances but they have the capability to change themselves. The composer has used a variety of techniques to allow the audience to comprehend the consequences of change.The prescribed text, "Save the Last Dance" portrays the changing minds of Sara Johnson, as she moves from living at an open space country to a predominately black ghetto society after her mother passed away. There are scenes such as Sara crying to Derek which brought out the cinematic technique of the camera shots. The camera has zoomed to Sara's face to reveal the actions of her shedding her tears away and to give more emphasis on the situation presented. This has shown that the change is gradually developing, as Sara is emerging from her mother's death and is acknowledging that the circumstances cannot be changed. The use of idioms took a crucial role in implying change, it has presented Sara changing her expressions from "Cool outfit!" to "Slamming outfit!" when she perceives Chenille's (Sara's best friend) attire. From this, it becomes obvious that Sara is changing her lifestyle and attempting to assimilate to her new community's language in order to move on from her mother's death. Throughout the movie, the use of symbolism was identified. Sara's box that has been kept hidden inside her closet is a relic of her previous life. It resembles her passion for ballet and the life she once had prior to her mother's death. There were a number of scenes where Sara has avoided the box, however after she has become accustomed to her new community; she is now confident to look inside the box and face her past. After viewing the mementos, she has changed her perspective on dancing and admits dancing is her passion. This has proven that she has become more explicable of her...

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