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You Can't Hide From Memories Essay

1738 words - 7 pages

The bitter wind whistled and the snow lay on the ground as a few
people crept silently to get out of the cold, a hat tumbled its way
across the snow encrusted cobbles and it finally lay in the gutter,
motionless. There was no bustle of the world passing by, a lack of
reversing Lorries and thick cockney accents selling roasted chestnuts
or frosty flowers to passers buy. A few warm glows of light appeared
from shop windows, although hardly any had attempted to open on this
frozen winter's day. Behind the counter of a small backstreet bookshop
sat a women deeply engrossed in a novel. As she leant forwards towards
her book a few strands of hair fell gently over her face and crept in
front of her torte shell rimmed glasses.

As the light dimmed into darkness she was oblivious to the passing of
time, "Are you going to be reading that book all day Lilly?" Tabs
said, but Lilly was unaware and remained motionless. "Ok, well I
better be off then, don't stay open too long, we don't want to look
like we are begging for custom," She sighed, with no hint of sarcasm,
as she wrapped her scarf around her neck, "Well, bye then!". As Tabs
moved towards the door she heaved in a last intake of warm air and
swept away into the bitter outside. As the door closed the cardboard
signs tumbled in the momentary wind and the soft bell chimed

A few more minutes of motionless reading passed before Lilly swept her
loose strands of hair behind her ear and shut the book. She
contemplated closing the shop for a few minutes and was just finishing
the last mouthful of cold tea, as the cardboard signs tumbled once
again in the wind and the bell chimed once more. Lilly turned to face
the now open door with a mouth still full of cold tea. A couple had
walked into the shop and were browsing the offers table; a relatively
small women with shoulder length blonde hair and bright green eyes,
was resting comfortably under the arm of a tall, swarthy looking man.
Immediately that mouthful of cold tea seemed incomprehensibly hard to

He browsed around the books once more and Lilly turned swiftly to face
the computer behind her. Swallowing the tea, she adjusted her glasses
on her nose and sat on the stool. Breathing slowly and calmly she
reasoned with herself, "I wonder if he recognises me? Of course He
does, it's Him; how could He forget."

She could feel her bare thigh burning against the blazing radiator as
he forced her closer and closer to the wall. His hand was pulling her
hair painfully away from her scalp and his other hand lay close on her
hip, forcing her not to struggle. "Who was it?" he questioned angrily,
she could feel his spit piercing her ear and smell the larger on his
breath as the searing burn from the radiator pulsated through her
body. "No-one, just a friend." she heaved in...

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