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I don't really agree with the comment "boys will be boys" just because they are boys doesn't give them the right to talk about their coworkers sexually or tell dirty jokes at work about them. Am not trying to throw the gender thing out there but if it was to girl's people will think wrong of them and let's just say if something were to happen to the girls they can or will say oh they were asking for it. There's no saying for girls, so like I said just because they are boys doesn't mean a thing they should be confronted just the same and be told to knock it off or be fired. It may seem harsh but that's not the type of conversations for a work place. I understand that people have attractions towards others sometimes it maybe a coworker but there are other ways. Instead of making crude sexual references about other employees, telling sexist jokes, and sharing images and graphics of a sexist nature on their cell phones they can if they are really interested in that person just show that person that they are interested in a respectable manner. I also understand that guys they might have more of a sexual strive but that should be kept private or at least talked about outside of work so really no one else other than the person they are telling can here.As I said before confronting the boys is the best way maybe there might be problems like they can go home and tell their parents what happened and leave out the part that they were doing so the parents will go and talk to the boss and make a big scene. Maybe they can just start trouble at work with their coworkers or not listen to what the boss had to say and just keep making rude and gross remarks about others. There can be so many different ways that they can cause trouble if they really wanted to. But in a way that wouldn't really make a difference because in the end they would most likely get fired. About the whole smartphone thing at the first thought it seems like a good idea so you have proof to back up your story. But the problem in that is if they get fired they might want to start trouble and take a long shot by getting a lawyer. Why I say this is because they weren't told they were being record and trust me a lawyer can and will think of many ways to get that thrown out. Something like this really never happens I don't think but who knows crazy things happen all the time. Maybe that won't even happen but either way I don't think it's a really good idea.When Frieda says it's really no big deal I do see where she's coming from in a way because it is just talk everyone does it they are...

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