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You Don't Need Money To Live A Happy Life.

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In both Andy Mulligan’s Trash and Christopher Paul Curtis’s The Might Miss Malone, the authors show the significance of family & friends and how important they are instead of money to live a happy life. Both novels take characters that show how even without money there life goes on. The authors of both novels clearly present the challenges these characters go through to get money but are still happy without it. By doing this the reader can see how money isn’t everything in life, you struggle but there is not need to stop.
The novel trash is based around a dumpster boy named Raphael. The author talks about the challenges these dumpster boys go through just to get a few pesos, even thou they spend most of the day in the dump they still don’t regret it because they think that this is the best for them. From the start the main character talks about finding something and after a short period of time he does. The think he finds leads him to a scavenger hunt. Each hint leads him to another and in the end he finally get through the mystery. While the boys were deep in the hunt they dident realize their poorness, the only thing they focused on was the end. The author shows many signs of how money isn’t everything. Life goes on even with out it. The Might Miss Malone isn’t much different then Trash. The main character named Deza Malone clearly shows the importance of money and how if they all story together then everything will be right. Through the novel the Malone family face a lot of problem but as soon as they start to think of the future then their entire problems vanish. The family can’t afford to get many things because Deza’s dad can’t find a job he can hang on to for a long period of time. Her dad not having a job shows the challenges they face but overcome because they chose to stay positive. The first half of the book shows the downhill of the Malone family when they face many troubles, but start to find solutions as the second half starts. Many problems are fixed in the second half because of the way the family choses to live life. The author of this novel shows the challenges the Malone family has to go through just to keep going, even thou thing might not turn out right afterwards.
The first similarity that can be seen in both novels is that once you get busy in life and forget about the money then life shows you it’s ways and leads you on. Thought Trash the author shows how money isn’t everything, Life goes on even without it. The first event that shows this point is when the boys find a key to a locker. Even without knowing what’s in the locker the boys still go because they are suspicious. No thought of money came to their minds when finding the locker the only think they wanted to do was find what’s inside. No one even talk about finding money in the locker because that wasn’t the goal. The emptiness of money went away as soon as they started thinking about the future. This shows that money is not so important; the felling goes away...

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